The best Manga to give at Christmas 2022

The best Manga to give at Christmas 2022

Trees and psychedelic lights, reindeer with hats and rivers of eggnog: Christmas is approaching and at least if you don't want to find yourself overwhelmed by Santa Claus's sleigh, it's better to think about Christmas presents right now. But what to give to those who sing Jinguru Beru? If you want to give Japanese comic lovers a little something, here is our ranking of volumes, occasions, special box sets and the best manga to give at Christmas.

The best manga for Christmas 2022

The Knights of the Zodiac, with variant cover illustrated by Zerocalcare Look back. Deluxe Limited Edition Fire Punch. Complete Box Deadpool Samurai Therapy Game box Dada Adventure One Room Angel Angelic Edition Bleach CHRISTMAS VARIANT One-Punch Man CHRISTMAS VARIANT Girl from the Other Side – dear

The knights of the zodiac, with variant illustrated by Zerocalcare

One edition unmissable for those who have a burning Cosmo, even at Christmas. For the definitive reprint of this timeless work by Masami Kurumada, published in Italy by Star Comics, a box was created containing volume 1 in the Variant Cover edition, 5 pins and a collector's Star Card. The Variant Cover, the gadgets and the box will all be designed by Zerocalcare.

The edition of this legendary shonen in which battles on the border between the human and the divine have their roots in the era of myths, it is accompanied by unpublished episodes, with revised and corrected texts and drawings. In fact, the first issue also includes Episode 0, which has never been published in volume so far and appeared exclusively in the magazine "Champion Red".

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Look back. Deluxe limited edition

A story exquisitely inspired by the cross-section of life of Japanese students cannot be missing at Christmas for any manga lover: Look back is a one-shot story written and drawn by Tatsuki Fujimoto, which tells the funny and painful moments of Fujino , a fourth grade student, who nourishes a visceral passion for manga.

This limited edition of the Deluxe version is sold in a collector's box in which, in addition to Look Back, you can also insert the two volumes of Tatsuki fujimoto Short Stories.

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Fire punch Complete Box

Looking for something more daring this Christmas? Then Tatsuki Fujimoto's Fire Punch is for you. The terrible "Ice Witch" has turned the world into an expanse of snow, hunger and madness. And those who are cold are tremendously attracted to fire... Does the "blessing" descended on Agni represent a hope or rather a curse?

Agni and Luna are two orphaned brothers, both endowed with the power of regeneration. They try by all means to help the people of their village to survive, until they are attacked by Doma, a man gifted with the "blessing" of flames, who condemns them to a cruel fate. With this complete series of Fire Punch, published by Star Comics and enclosed in a practical collector's box, you will find all the volumes of the master's work.

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Deadpool Samurai

You should know that from December 1st and for the whole month (while stocks last) the “Free Comic Book Day Italia” starts, the appointment entirely dedicated to invitation to read the comic book which will allow you to receive, in adhering comic shops throughout Italy, unpublished special books for free distribution chosen by the main Italian comic book publishers, including Panini Comics, Sergio Bonelli Editore, Star Comics, SaldaPress and BAO Publishing. Why not take advantage of the occasion and get a volume to give as a gift to some of your friends at Christmas?

Among the 13 special albums with unpublished contents, a curious collaboration certainly stands out between the world of manga and Marvel : Deadpool Samurai . The most bizarre of American anti-heroes reaches the land of the rising sun to join an official branch of the Avengers, the Samurai Squad. It is not a canonical comic nor an official shonen, yet with the limited edition Demon Slayer themed Variant Cover for Panini Comics, we are sure that you will make all manga and chimichanga lovers happy.

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Therapy Game Box

If, on the other hand, you want to give a more romantic and even spicy Christmas, Therapy Game is the series for you: this Secret XXX spin-off is Meguru Hinohara's second work and will draw you into a sweet love story that will melt even the most imperturbable hearts.

Minato is a boy with a complex of older brother. One evening, in a bar, he meets a university student named Shizuma, completely drunk. Seduced by the stranger's delicate touch, Minato spends the night with him, only to discover, upon awakening him, that Shizuma has completely removed their meeting and the time spent together. Blinded by rage, Minato declares that he will make him fall in love and bets his friends that he will be able to conquer him. The Star Comics miniseries is made up of two volumes collected in an exclusive collector's box.

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Dada Adventure Collection Box

If you are looking for something softer, softer and also suitable for a younger audience, we recommend this Dada Adventure box set, from Edizioni BD. Like a tender and chubby little angel, little Dada fell from the sky, with no memory of her past. To guide it, a single, great desire: to explore the world everywhere, proceeding with the adventure and always with a smile on their lips. Who really is this funny little girl and who is looking for her? But above all, where do the extraordinary powers she is endowed with come from, thanks to which she can reproduce the abilities of her opponents and which make the little girl an unbeatable rival for anyone?

The collector's box set of the fantasy Euromanga by Alessandro Starace and Leonardo Berghella. In addition to the new edition of the volumes already published, with revised and corrected tables, new short stories and color pages, the box also includes, as a preview, vol. 6.

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One Room Angel Angelic Edition

For Christmas give a "guardian angel": in this exclusive Star Comics box set, which contains the volume with a variant cover, a postcard, two stand up figures, a diorama, you will meet Koki, a boy in his thirties who works as a clerk in a convenience store and lives his life by dragging himself by inertia.

One day Koki is stabbed by a thug and, as he is about to lose consciousness, in agony, he sees a splendid "angel" with very white wings. At first he thinks the celestial creature has come to get him, but then he returns home and finds her there waiting for him. A perfect story to bring unexpected feelings back to Christmas.

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A story that needs no introduction, an unmissable gift for fans and for those who aren't yet: the first issue of Bleach, the famous manga by Tite Kubo, which literally drove readers all over the world crazy, is being reprinted by Panini comics in a new variant edition with metal cover.

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The first number of the best-selling series by ONE and Yusuke Murata, arrives for Christmas in a new variant edition, also with a metal cover. The ideal Christmas gift to knock them all out with one punch.

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Girl from the Other Side – dear

A delicate and ideal single volume for all readers, which paints moments of everyday "slice of life" of little Shiva and Sensei, the monstrous but kind creature who takes care of her while, around them , the world is broken in two by the contagion of a terrible and mysterious disease.

The long-awaited encore of a real masterpiece of contemporary manga, the original dark fairy tale that made everyone fall in love with the genius of Nagabe , return to this unmissable extra chapter thanks to J-Pop Manga . To delight your Christmas until “the other side”.

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