Strikes, all those scheduled for December in Italy

Strikes, all those scheduled for December in Italy


There are numerous trade unions in various sectors who proclaimed national strikes in December. From the airline sector to petrol stations, from doctors to general mobilization, many workers and professionals are therefore ready to take to the streets to assert their reasons and make their requests public. A crowded calendar in 15 days, to which should be added the public transport strikes that involved various cities on 2 December.

Here are the strikes announced so far:

Aviation sector - December 13 Gas stations and motorway service areas - December 13-16 Doctors, veterinarians and health managers - December 15 Against the maneuver - December 16

Aviation sector - 13 December

On Tuesday 13 December, strikes will affect the aviation sector. Filt Cgil, Fit Cisl and Uilt Uil have in fact proclaimed a 24-hour agitation of all the national personnel of Enav, the Italian company for assistance and air traffic control, controlled by the Ministry of Economy and Finance and supervised by the Ministry of Infrastructure and Transport. Uilt Uil has announced that EasyJet personnel will also be absent from work for the whole day.

Petrol stations and motorway service areas - 13-16 December

They will be closed due to strike for 72 consecutive hours, from 10pm on Tuesday 13th to 10pm on Friday 16th December, petrol stations and motorway service areas. This was announced in a joint note by the trade organizations of the motorway system managers Faib, Fegica and Anisa.

“Everything suggests - they denounce - that the draft interministerial decree that has been circulating since the last days of the last legislature has the objective of preserving a now gangrenous system that has allowed, permits and, under these conditions, will continue to allow concessionary companies first of all to enjoy huge income from positions, profited from the public good".

The trade unions let it be known that the complaints sent to the ministers of the previous and current governments, remained unanswered, concern "the state of absolute degradation to which the motorway service areas have been subjected, both in terms of fuel and restaurant prices, completely abnormal and out of the market, and in terms of quality standards", which "every citizen of this country has known at his own expense ”.

All of this, according to Faib, Fegica and Anisa, “is the effect of a now twenty-year policy ”, which has allowed the concessionary companies "to use an asset under concession as if it were a 'private thing'". This is why, they continue, “it is once again up to the small management companies to have the ungrateful task of uncovering a now rotten pot that seems to be functional to everyone except the managers and consumers who, in fact, in less than ten years, have cut of 80% of their purchases on the motorway ”.

Doctors, veterinarians and health managers - December 15

Eight organizations and union federations of doctors, veterinarians and health managers organized a demonstration in piazza Santi Apostoli in Rome on 15 December starting at 2 pm against "the further definancing of public health care foreseen in the coming years" and "the crumbs granted by the 2023 budget law to public health personnel".

The trade unions of category denounce "political disinterest in the 'angels' and 'heroes' who have avoided the country a health and economic Caporetto, the absence of a programmatic plan of reform and r the overall launch of the national health system, the regionalization of treatments and the creation of the new health market between north and south ".

The institutions are asking for a comparison so that the budget can lead to an increase in personnel recruitment and salaries medical, veterinary and health services and make "the appropriate health services accessible to all citizens against the lengthening of waiting lists and journeys of hope".

The trade unions also ask for "the immediate opening of the table for the renewal of a national collective agreement seized in the ministerial chambers, the alignment of public health expenditure to the average of European countries and the decriminalization of the medical act, reconsidering it scientifically autonomous and free from ideologies ”.

Against the maneuver - December 16

CGIL and UIL finally called an eight-hour general strike in Rome and a four-hour territorial strike or hours in Lombardy for December 16, to protest against the Meloni government's budget law. The protest will be directed "against the contents of a maneuver - affirms the general secretary of the UIL of Milan and Lombardy Enrico Vizza - which does not provide answers to the issues that the unions have presented to the premier".

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