Offers on Christmas trees, balls and lights! Discounts up to 30%

Offers on Christmas trees, balls and lights! Discounts up to 30%

Offers on Christmas trees

One of the most important elements of Christmas is undoubtedly the tree, which represents not only one of the main symbols of the festive period, but also the home of all our gifts. Choosing not only the right tree, but also the decorations, is essential to be able to create the perfect climate, and this year Yeppon, an online shop that offers crazy discounts to help you in the task!

On the page dedicated to Christmas offers, many trees, balls and lights are in fact on sale, with incredible discounts of up to 70%! Thanks to the promotion, which will last until December 15th, you will therefore be able to save a lot on Christmas decorations, decorating not only the tree, but also your entire home and garden, with just a few euros!

Among the various Christmas trees on offer in Yeppon is the Civetta model by Amicasa, which is currently available for only €69.99 instead of €224.99; it is a 69% discount, which will save you €155.00 on this 150cm high and 81cm diameter tree! If, on the other hand, you prefer trees with a snowy look, the 210cm high Saint Moriz model is on offer for €179.99 instead of €284.99, which with an incredible 109cm diameter and 468 branches will make your home truly magical!

As mentioned, among the Christmas offers there are also many decorations: in fact, you can take home a cylinder of 30 sea bream balls for only €5.99 instead of €17.99, or a magnificent just €13.99 instead of €197.99! Finally, to complete the perfect tree, lights cannot be missing, and obviously there are many on offer, such as a set of 200 white lights, for a total length of 8 meters, now available for € 15.99 instead of 20, 56€.

In short, this year you can create the perfect Christmas tree, getting ready for December 25th and surprising your relatives and friends, all while saving hundreds of euros! On the Yeppon website, in addition to the offers on decorations, there are many other promotions launched on the occasion of the festive period in which we find ourselves, such as the one dedicated to the Electrolux brand, with many household appliances falling at bargain prices.

Read also: Christmas gifts 2022 | Gadgets | Original Ideas | Cheap We have reported only a few examples of Yeppon's Christmas offers, so we invite you to visit the page dedicated to the promotion to discover the vast catalogue. Our advice is to put what interests you in the cart as soon as possible, since the discounts will end on December 15th, while the available stocks could end even earlier.

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