Halo may have a legal problem

Halo may have a legal problem

There seems to be no peace for Halo. Multiplayer still struggles to take off and 343 Industries continues to lose essential personnel for development. Waiting to find out what the future holds for Infinite, the latest chapter in the series, Microsoft has to contend with a copyright opposition, due to a trademark inherent to Master Chief's games filed last year.

Let's go in order: in December 2021 Microsoft decided to apply to register the Halo: The Endless trademark. No one, at the moment, knows what it is. It could be a spin-off or additional content for Infinite's single player campaign. However, the nature of the content does not interest us much, at least for now, given that the news is different: the name chosen by 343 Industries and the Redmond giant irritated Amplitude Studios, the Parisian developer who works on the Endless franchise, which has produced several chapters of several games, including Endless Space, Endless Legend and so on. The French development team has therefore decided to oppose this registration.

The opposition of Amplitude Studios to the registration of the trademark could indicate the desire not to be compared to the Halo trademark or a simple protection. But for Microsoft it is not a novelty, which already in the past found itself forced to change the name of SkyDrive to OneDrive: at the time Rupert Murdoch, US tycoon and owner of the company thought about it to challenge the Redmond giant in court, even going as far as to win . It is unlikely that Amplitude Studios and Microsoft will end up in court. Instead, a faster resolution is easier for the parties, who could reach a small compromise.

Microsoft's trademark has been opposed by Amplitude Studio's of Paris, France and is currently waiting Microsoft to defend their application.

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While the legal dispute goes on, many are wondering exactly what Endless will be and what the future of Halo Infinite will be. The basic player of the game is waiting for very important news and we sincerely hope that after this little dispute Microsoft will finally be able to reveal the future of the game. This time without making further mistakes.

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