She-Hulk, Rhaenyra and Galadriel: when the women of the TV series "rock"

She-Hulk, Rhaenyra and Galadriel: when the women of the TV series rock

She-Hulk, Rhaenyra and Galadriel

There have been TV series that talked about courageous women slaying vampires, women who had mothers as friends, women doctors, women archaeologists, women weak in the face of the opposite sex, powerful women and queens and women queens of the chess. But in the last period we have seen a particular trio of women who have caused such a sensation: She-Hulk, the career woman, Rhaenyra, the woman fighting for the (Game of Thrones) Throne and Galadriel, the woman (elf) in seeks revenge. Despite being so different, there is something that unites them, something subtle, delicate, yet so profound that we couldn't help but talk about it: all of them are fighting for their rights.

It seems one of those moralistic articles, right? There is so much talk of "women" and "rights" mentioned in the same sentence, we lacked to find this combination even in a simple TV series. Someone, however, had to warn you: the series of She Hulk and The Rings of Power, which ended recently, in addition to House of the Dragon, in the pipeline, are among the most "feminine" TV series published recently. All three protagonists of their series try to express concepts that unite today's women, they try to represent them, sometimes to console them and to make us understand why, despite the strengths and weaknesses of their respective scripts, they are more real than we want to admit. And now we explain why.

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The character played by Tatiana Maslany is a woman who loves her work, just as the title immediately after her important "super hero" name suggests: she is She-Hulk, but also a "career lawyer". And that's exactly what she wants to be, right from the start, too, when she acquires her powers from her famous cousin, Bruce Banner. She says it clearly, without puns or possible misunderstandings: she doesn't care about being a super heroine.

We have seen how difficult it can be to look like a "simple" person once you are over two meters tall and can lift tons of rock with one arm. Of particular interest to point out the “Smart Hulk” speech by the way: once She Hulk has acquired the powers from the Hulk, Bruce supports the duty, on the part of those with special powers, to assume their responsibilities. Despite this, She Hulk is not interested in fighting crime and breaking everything, even though she is stronger than her cousin, more talented and better able to handle her "green" side of her. Over the course of a first season conceived by Jessica Gao for Disney Plus, the focus of the plot was not the growth of the character, her slow glorious ascent to mastering his powers and the acquisition of some high-sounding title. And in fact, what was the goal? You certainly don't see She Hulk twerk or hear her make an ambiguous reference to refrigerators. Many have also wondered who could be the real "antagonist" of the series, since we saw Abomination and Titania, but it seemed to lack a rival in the flesh for our green lawyer. She Hulk is a grown woman, with her weaknesses and her lovable qualities: she doesn't hide her sexual desires, her mistakes, her freedoms and her (motivated) appreciation towards Daredevil. But a story cannot stand without an antagonist.

You may not have been thrilled with her comic, provocative and mocking style that so much reminded us of Deadpool, but you should remember: it's not Deadpool to have invented the breaking of the fourth wall. It was She Hulk herself. It was a woman who broke the rules and invented an original, captivating, innovative style, a narrative mechanism capable of breaking the mold. Literally.

The “Rhaenyra” woman

The woman with a “complicated family”. Not that Jen Walters had a model family, though, at least they weren't trying to kill her just to sit on a sharp seat. House Targaryen, about two hundred years before the events of Game of Thrones, remains a house made of blood and fire. Rhaenyra, in this intricate web of power, embodies the young woman with a purpose and, as the first season unfolds, becomes the woman willing to do anything to make it happen.

Milly Alcock's Rhaenyra is a slightly spoiled girl, the daughter of a king who is convinced, after losing his wife and son, that she will be the heir to the throne, while disobeying all the traditions of the kingdom. Rhaenyra, passionate and passionate rides dragons, is thus found to understand that in her life there can be more than lace, lace, Tournament roses and prayers to the Gods. She becomes convinced that the dream of her father, Viserys, is true and transforms it into her own vision. She will one day reign. But before this is done, she must fight to prove her right to the throne. He must also fight against another formidable opponent: love.

Emma D'Arcy, the adult Rhaenyra, has the arduous task of showing us how the life of a blood-forged house has raised a young Targaryen: time has not been kind to the intrigues that sparkle at the foundations of the kingdom, everyone would like to prevent Rhaenyra from ascending the Iron Throne not only because she is a woman, but because she also dares to be a "libertine" woman. What a disgrace (in those days, because times have changed. Right?). Even her father, the only one who has always supported her in all the ways she could, tells her clearly: if she were born a man, she could have had lovers. Not so though, she not as a woman.

Only her uncle, Daemon Targaryen, teaches her the secrets of the flesh. And it is thanks to him (or her fault?) That the young heir to the throne learns to respect the most important right, not so much that towards the crown, but towards herself and her desires. Among the women in today's TV series, Rhaenyra is part of a giant, multi-headed, all-female dragon: House of the Dragon is a sublime song about a kingdom dominated, harassed and populated by women who love, who die for love, and who live despite the blood they are forced to shed. Women daughters and women mothers, women victims of their fathers and women aided by parents who love them, willing to do anything for them, even walking among salt and power-hungry eyes, while one's body slowly perishes.

The series, the daughter of George Martin's work, looks like a cruel, bittersweet dance of dragons, all destined to die from blood ties hotter than fire. But under the ashes, a hidden fire burns, a question that seems easy to answer: is it right for a war to break out because a woman has chosen for herself who to be and whom to love? Rhaenyra doesn't have super powers, but compared to the previous protagonist of this list of women in today's TV series, she doesn't have to live with two contrasting personalities.

The “Galadriel” woman

“The world has changed ”so the lady of Lórien began the legend: the Galadriel of the Peter Jackson trilogy, played by a divine Cate Blanchett, brings a long-idealized canon into a radiant reality. Still, the world has really changed. With the series of The Lord of the Rings: the Rings of Power, we see the clear, precise and fairytale image of Galadriel that an entire generation had dreamed of replaced with a new figure in the role of Morfydd Clark.

The looks are alike, the long blond hair is not lacking, the white skin and its soft light that shines, there are in both Galadriels. However, many have noticed that something is missing between the two: it is not the fault of the registry difference, it cannot be if we want to respect interpretative credibility; it is not even ambition, which in one Galadriel is turned towards its own affirmation and in the other towards revenge. It seems that in the series of The Rings of Power this Lady of the Woods is missing a certain "soul".

The Rings of Power We will not dwell on the positive and negative criticisms of the series, for which we have invested numerous articles in addition to Twitch streams. Let's focus on the lesson of this warrior woman: Over the course of the Prime Video series, we met an enterprising, brave and skilled woman-elf as much in sword fighting as she is in voice duels. With cunning and diplomacy, Clark managed to escape from exile / death and gained an army from Numenor to continue her journey against Sauron. If we were to analyze only her narrative evolution of her in these terms, she would be a magnetic, strong, resolute, positive character. But is not so. Galadriel lives as much of light as of shadows, indeed, the future C ustode of Nenya from Amazon Studios is anything but the hero in the glittering armor: she represents the blind thirst for revenge, a contemporary Erinyes, a woman victim of her pain.

How Do Today's Women Cope With A Loss? How do they live alone after losing a brother and a husband? Galadriel found the answer to these questions in a drastic solution, or by closing her heart: this explains her coldness, her haughtiness and, sometimes, her being more irrational than she seems. There is nothing that, it seems at the moment, can relieve her wounded heart. Galadriel, among the examples of women to whom TV series are inspired today, is the female protagonist with more "negative" traits than the others, having cured her suffering by causing more suffering. But who can judge what is right and wrong? Who can say if Galadriel deserves to bring young soldiers to their death in order to defeat the Dark Lord? Don't be too eager to bestow death and judgment. Not even the wisest know all the results.

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