Qatar 2022 World Cup - How to watch the World Cup on TV and in streaming

Qatar 2022 World Cup - How to watch the World Cup on TV and in streaming

Despite the excellent conditions during the qualifying phases for the World Cup which will be played in Qatar starting from November 2022, unfortunately the Italian national team has been excluded from the tournament valid for the conquest of the World Cup.

I am not the good results obtained in the initial stages within group C were enough, in which Italy found themselves with Switzerland, Bulgaria, Northern Ireland and Lithuania.

Unfortunately, the Azzurri are out of the game - Source : FICG

The last match played by the Azzurri dates back to 24 March 2022, played in the play-off phase against North Macedonia which ended with the latter winning 0 - 1. A defeat which, unfortunately, cost to Italy the qualification to the following phases. Therefore, we will not see the Azzurri play during Qatar 2022.

Group and calendar of the next matches

The disappointment for Italy's exit from the world championship has now been disposed of, here's all that you need to know about the upcoming events of the Qatar 2022 World Cup. The group stage will start on November 21, while the round of 16 will start on December 3, followed by the quarter-finals which start on December 9, while the semifinals and finals will be played on December 13th and 14th and December 17th and 18th respectively.

Here is the calendar of the giron matches:

November 21st

Senegal -Holland (Group A, 11am) England-Iran (B, 2pm) Qatar-Ecuador (A, 5pm) United States-Wales / Scotland / Ukraine (B, 8pm) November 22nd

Denmark -Tunisia (D, 11 am) France-United Arab Emirates / Australia / Peru (D, 2 pm) Mexico-Poland (C, 5 pm) Argentina-Saudi Arabia (C, 8 pm) November 23rd

Maro cco-Croatia (F, 11 am) Belgium-Canada (F, 2 pm) Germany-Japan (E, 5 pm) Spain-Costa Rica / New Zealand (E, 8 pm) 24 November

Uruguay-South Korea (H, 11 am) Portugal-Ghana (H, 2 pm) Switzerland-Cameroon (G, 5 pm) Brazil-Serbia (G, 8 pm) 25 November

Holland-Ecuador (A, 11am) Qatar-Senegal (A, 2pm) Wales / Scotland / Ukraine-Iran (B, 5pm) England-United States (B, 8pm) November 26th

Poland-Saudi Arabia (C, 11am) Argentina-Mexico (C, 2pm) Tunisia-United Arab Emirates / Australia / Peru (D, 5pm) France-Denmark (D, 8pm) November 27th

Japan-Costa Rica / New Zealand (E, 11 am) Spain-Germany (E, 2 pm) Croatia-Canada (F, 5 pm) Belgium-Morocco (F, 8 pm) 28 November

Cameroon-Serbia (G, 11am) Brazil-Switzerland (G, 2pm) South Korea-Ghana (H, 5pm) Portugal-Uruguay (H, 8pm) November 29th

Wales / Scotland / Ukraine-England (B, 4 pm) Iran-United States (B, 4 pm) Netherlands-Qatar (A, 8 pm) Ecuador-Senegal (A, 8 pm) November 30th

Tunisia-France (D , 4 pm) United Arab Emirates / Australia / Peru-Denmark (D, 4 pm) Poland- Argentina (C, 8 pm) Saudi Arabia-Mexico (C, 8 pm) December 1

Croatia-Belgium (F, 4 pm) Canada-Morocco (F, 4 pm) Japan-Spain (E, 8 pm) Costa Rica / New Zealand-Germany (E, 8 pm) 2 December

South Korea-Portugal (H, 4 pm) Ghana-Uruguay (H, 4 pm) Cameroon-Brazil (G, 8 pm) Serbia-Switzerland (G, 8 pm) Source: FICG

Qatar 2022 World Cup - How to watch the World Cup in football

The matches of the Qatar 2022 World Cup will be visible on normal television channels, such as Rai 1. However, you can also follow them in streaming through the apps for your Smart TV, or on PC, smartphone and tablet, or RaiPlay. In fact, Rai has been awarded the rights to all 64 matches of the tournament, and as Rai itself declares: "At least 28 matches of the tournament, including the opening match, the final and both semifinals, will be broadcast on the flagship of the broadcaster, Rai 1, satisfying FIFA's objectives of providing wide visibility for its competitions ”. This statement suggests, however, that the Rai programming could exclude some matches, considered less attractive for the Italian public, or the simple presentation of the highlights of some matches.

In any case, Rai has recently confirmed that it will broadcast all the games in Ultra HD on Rai 4K, within the tivùsat package. If you have a compatible decoder and parabolic antenna (to be oriented towards Eutelsat Hotbird 13 ° East), you can enjoy all the games in UHD, otherwise, it is not certain that this offer will also arrive on RaiPlay, an aspect on which Rai hasn't spoken yet.

If you don't have a satellite link, however, you may want to watch other matches from international broadcasters, such as the BBC. In many cases, streaming platforms have regional blocks that could block access from Italy and other countries outside the covered area. The solution in these cases is to use one of the best VPNs, which among other things, can change your IP address and make your connection appear to come from another geographic area.

Also, you may need a VPN even if you are abroad for work or study and want to watch the matches of the Qatar 2022 World Cup in streaming on Italian platforms, with commentary in our language.

In addition to guide to the best VPNs we've made for you, we present our TOP 3 VPNs worth considering below. If you want to deepen the subject, instead, we invite you to read our articles What is a VPN (Virtual Private Network) and VPN: what it is, how it works and what it is for.

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