How to bag a free bet on esports

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Are you a dedicated follower of esports with your finger on the pulse of this rapidly-evolving industry? Would you like to use your knowledge of the competitions, games and players to target a profit? All while watching the biggest and best tournaments live on your smart TV, desktop computer or smartphone? Sounds like something from a movie script, right? But you can bet it’s reality, and it’s available to you today, thanks to esports online gambling. You can now bet on Fortnight the same way you enjoy the latest Super Bowl betting. And it can all be done at the click of a button.


How do you bet on esports? It’s much easier than you may think, and to help things go even smoother, we have sought the help of an online sports gambling expert. In this article, they use their experience of operating at the highest level of the gambling industry to explain exactly how esports betting works, what you should know before starting and - the bonus ball of this page - how to get a free bet. By the end of the page, you’ll know and understand how esports betting works and how you can make it work for you.


The leading online gambling apps all offer esports betting, and you’ll find the tab situated near the head of the navigation bar. Esports has become so popular since 2020 that it now stands alongside more traditional sports, including horse racing, soccer and football. The big names on the team sheet, and now esports can be considered a big player.

Google Images Creative Commons Licences

Register in seconds

You are free to investigate and test the best online bookies around - provided online gambling is legal and licensed in your region. Visit the various betting apps and sites, and you’ll begin to notice the subtle differences between the top-performing apps. Once you have found the best online bookie for you, it’s time to register your account.


Betting apps are always accepting new players, but without registering, you won’t be able to bet. Thankfully, it takes just a few moments to complete, and you must do it only once. Visit the homepage of your chosen betting app and click the button at the top of the homepage that says Register or Join. Fill in the registration form, providing all the necessary information, including your name, age and address. Please make a note of your login information for future visits.


Create a username and password that will be used to gain access to your account balance on all future visits. Make your first deposit and place a bet. Your account will now be registered and can be accessed when, where and how you like. The best smartphones even allow you to log in using face recognition technology.

Types of bonuses

There are many types of bonuses used by major bookies to attract a steady stream of new players. They range from the most popular to the weird and wonderful. Welcome bonuses are a way for the top apps to attract you to sign-up in what has become a cut-throat industry. With new online bookies joining the fold all the time, the marketplace is becoming increasingly busy.


The most popular welcome bonus is the deposit-matched new customer promo. With this deal, when you create an account and make your first deposit using a debit card, e-wallet or crypto account, you will qualify for a free bet. That gift will be equal to or greater than the value of your deposit. For example, if you join, deposit $30 and place a qualifying sportsbook bet, you’ll land a $30 free bet. Other popular types of welcome bonuses include risk-free bets, enhanced odds, cashback, profit boosts and more.

How to bet

You have now chosen the bookie that’s right for you and landed the generous welcome bonus free bet. Now it’s time to place your bets on the biggest and best esports. Click the esports tab and select the competition you wish to wager on.


Select the fixture and the bet you want to make. Add it to your bet slip. You should now decide on a type of bet and a stake before confirming. Your wager will now be live, and a cash-out amount will be added to your account.

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