Gardening Gloves | The best of 2022

Gardening Gloves | The best of 2022

Taking care of your green area, as we know, is a job that must be done regularly, especially during spring, when grass and plants are reborn. Furthermore, taking care of the garden is a job that puts a strain on our hands, which are destined to get scratched if the right protective devices are not used, which, in this case, are gardening gloves.

Read also: Garden hammocks | The best of 2022 In this article we will deal with gardening gloves, useful not only to defend against scratches and thorns, but also from bacteria present on the ground, not to mention the fact that you will avoid getting your hands dirty. Whether you need to prune, cut hedges, hoe or sow, a good pair of garden gloves will be your best friend for your garden activities. The market is full of good gloves, but we have selected the best ones, that is those that will guarantee you maximum protection and maximum comfort.

The choice of glove, however, should be made taking into consideration the needs of the person, since each glove has a specific peculiarity. These aspects will be analyzed in detail in the second part of the article. Below, however, we report what are, in our opinion, the garden gloves that you should evaluate before any other model. The selection was made taking into consideration many factors: materials, comfort, size, customer opinions and, last but not least, the price.

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The best gardening gloves

Gloves Gruntek Gloves Gardena Gloves Amazon Basics Gloves Dex Fit Cru553 Gloves for children Lauter Schutz

Gloves Gruntek

Let's start by pointing out a pair of gardening gloves among the best-selling and best-reviewed by customers. We are talking about Gruntek's proposal, which is characterized by a latex coating and by the EN 388-CE: 4121 certification, that is the current legislation regarding work gloves created to cope with mechanical risks. Lightweight and comfortable, these gloves have a snug grip and are perfect for handling typical garden tools which, you know, tend to be slippery, dirty, wet and greasy. The package includes 5 pairs of gloves, so you can quickly replace them with new ones when they get damaged. In any case, their durability is guaranteed for a long time!


Gardena gloves

Among the most reliable and robust garden gloves, Gardena solutions are second to none. This model in particular boasts materials that can protect you from larger spines, stings and various injuries up to the forearm, thanks to the long handle. In addition, these gloves will ensure excellent breathability, despite having thick materials, avoiding the annoying sweating of the hands following long and heavy work activities. The higher price than the average is justified by the fact that the thumbs are reinforced in a special way, so that you can work with maximum sensitivity.


Amazon Basics Gloves

The gloves made by Amazon Basics are among the best in terms of protection, since they implement a coverage up to the forearm, making them thorn-proof. Protection from scratches, therefore, will be ensured and the merit is also due to materials such as nylon, polyester and aramid, which are heat-resistant synthetic fibers. The latter material is even used in aerospace and military applications, on body armor fabrics and ballistic compounds. The back of these gloves is very flexible, allowing you more freedom of movement. In short, if you have to deal with a lot of thorns, these are the gloves for you.


Dex Fit Cru553 gloves

With a level 5 cut resistance, the Dex Fit Cru553 gloves are among the most resistant in their category. they will even protect you from accidental cuts caused by handling knives or sharp objects. In addition, they are s mart touch, which means that you can continue to wear them even while using your smartphone. The display, in fact, will react to touches without losing sensitivity. Last but not least, these gloves will not make your hands sweat, an important factor in not losing grip on what you are handling.


Lauter Schutz children's gloves

Children like to have fun outside and often want to be helpful by helping you finish cleaning earlier garden or any other work. You will be happy to know that the market offers gardening gloves suitable for children and those proposed here are among the best in terms of protection and comfort, as they are made with a rough and sturdy latex coating on the palm. Despite being resistant to scratches, tears and abrasions, they are very breathable, especially on the back of the hand, allowing the little ones to maintain maximum sensitivity. Obviously they are also excellent for keeping the little ones away from dirt. Finally, we point out that the package contains 2 pairs of gloves in assorted colors, with different colors on the back.


How to choose the gardening glove

As anticipated in the early stages, the market is full of gardening gloves, so it is not difficult to find cute and colorful models. On the contrary, buying a functional glove could be complicated, and that is why below we will list the most important factors to take into consideration when buying a gardening glove, reminding you that our product selection takes into account all these aspects. >

What kind of gardening gloves are there?

The choice of a gardening glove depends on the work you intend to do. These types of gloves are usually classified as light, medium or heavy. The former will prove to be excellent for keeping hands clean from not too heavy work, for example during sowing or other light activities. The so-called medium gloves, on the other hand, will be excellent for pruning, working in the boundaries of the garden and for transferring a plant from one pot to another, if it needs more space. Finally, heavy gloves are the most suitable to protect your hands during the most difficult jobs, where you need additional protection to avoid being stung by nettles or thorns.

What materials are made of gardening gloves?

Materials play a fundamental role in all of this, so choosing the right one can only make the difference. Gardening gloves can be made of leather, latex, nylon, cotton and bamboo. Bamboo fiber is one of the most environmentally friendly options and is soft, adherent and flexible. Latex and leather are tear-resistant and are often used to improve grip, as is nylon, but at the expense of breathability. Cotton is certainly the most comfortable material, as well as the one that will keep your hands fresh for a long time, but their low resistance makes them unsuitable for intense work.

In addition to these peculiarities, even a possible padding or cushioning additional can be useful, since taking care of plants and flowers is an activity that is also done in autumn and winter. In this case, you will certainly appreciate the models equipped with a sort of waterproofing, and that is why we suggest, during the purchase phase, to look for gloves that have at least padding on the knuckles (the part of the finger corresponding to a joint). ), fingertips, wrists and palms of the hands, for greater protection when performing typical gardening activities. Furthermore, the elasticated cuffs will provide the best fit and, consequently, will prevent debris and soil from getting inside.

We can summarize the above: if you intend to use gardening gloves all year round, water resistance is the factor to focus on before anything else. If you find yourself in this situation, the best solution is to rely on gloves made of latex, leather or synthetic materials that can repel water.

Gardening gloves with long cuffs

If you have looked at our product selection, you will surely have noticed the existence of gloves with long cuffs, which reach up to the forearm. These tend to make the movement of the hands a little more difficult, so consider purchasing only if you are sure you need extra protection. If you are willing to spend more than necessary, it is worth investing in a pair of long and short gloves so that you can use the right ones for your activity.

Smart touch gardening gloves

Gardening gloves are not articles that need to be analyzed in every single point in order not to make a mistake in the purchase. However, the presence of some extra features, such as smart touch fingertips, can improve convenience. The smart touch models, in fact, have the characteristic of working on touch displays, allowing you to use your smartphone, for example answering a call, without having to take them off.

The size of a glove for gardening

It may seem obvious, but choosing the right size is very important. Gloves that are too small, in fact, would be unusable, as well as buying models that are too large for your hands. To ensure that the glove is functional, look for a model capable of adapting to various fits, as well as choosing the right size, so as to be sure to move your hands freely while working.

How long they last garden gloves?

The life of a garden glove depends on several factors, including build quality and how you use them. It is clear that you cannot expect a long service life if you buy a pair of cheap gloves and wear them every day. However, you should only use gloves for one season, especially if they are light and almost disposable models. On the other hand, sturdy, high-quality gloves last longer, provided you take good care of them.

Are gardening gloves machine washable?

Not all gloves can be washed in the washing machine and, usually, models that allow it specify this in the product description. Rightly, we try to avoid putting them in the washing machine, because you would fill the drum with mud, therefore, in most cases, it is better to simply immerse them in a bowl of warm water to remove the dirt. You can also wash them by hand, using a mild detergent or hand soap, and then let them dry in the open air.

When to wear gardening gloves?

Unless if you are allergic to any material, there is no reason not to wear gloves during your garden activities. In addition to not getting dirty, most gloves will not cause movement problems and, if you have sensitive hands, they will turn out to be accessories that you will not be able to do without. If you work with roses, thorny blackberries or stinging nettles, you will certainly need a barrier between your skin and the plant.

Gardening gloves must be worn to prevent blisters and chafing when digging and having dealing with the ground for most of the day. Also, using these accessories will come in handy when you need a better grip on heavy hand and power tools.

How to soften leather gardening gloves

Leather is a material that it tends to soften after constant use, especially if treated with care. Leather gardening gloves are often made with cowhide, deerskin or goatskin, the latter of the softest. If you want the leather gloves to remain clean and soft, thus getting the maximum comfort from them, you can use mink oil or another mild lubricant, which will help keep the material flexible. Unused leather, in fact, can become hard, decreasing the ease with which you handle an object. If this is the case, apply a small amount of mink or coconut oil or petroleum jelly, which is excellent for reconditioning the leather of a glove.

How to test a gardening glove?

Although it is essential to use the glove in the garden in order to be sure that it is a valid model, there is a simple and quick method to understand the dexterity, that is to carry out activities that require agility, of the model you have just purchased. The method consists of putting on the glove first and picking up a grain of rice. A simple test, however, capable of revealing what it might be like to handle small seeds or make delicate pruning.

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