5 curiosities about Boris that you may not know

5 curiosities about Boris that you may not know

Are you looking for some curiosities about Boris? Then you have come to the correct place! If you are here, you are probably eagerly awaiting the fourth season of Boris, the series famous for its smarmellate and the general realization decidedly to c *** o dog. After 3 hugely successful seasons, Boris is about to make his comeback with a new series of (mis) adventures from television's most ramshackle crew. To give you an idea of ​​what awaits us in Boris 4, here is the synopsis of the new season, directly from the official website on Disney Plus:

After more than 10 years Boris is back; now our characters work for a powerful global platform. The series to be shot is Life of Jesus. An idea of ​​the increasingly megalomaniac Stanis La Rochelle, protagonist and producer. Stanis, married to Corinna, commissioned the writing to the usual three screenwriters, the direction of the inevitable René and the organization to Lopez, a former director of the Network, now a producer. To act as a bridge between ours and the powerful Platform is none other than Alexander. The "slave" of Gli Occhi del Cuore is today the Head of the Platform for Italy. Juggling between the Algorithm, which knows everything and decides everything, and a code of behavior to follow on set, our ramshackle crew is really struggling to get used to the new rules of the Platform.

Subscribe now to Disney + for € 8.99 per month or € 89.90 per year Waiting for the imminent return of the irreverent, sarcastic and self-deprecating series, how about satisfying your curiosity with the our 5 curiosities about Boris that you may not know? So, no more chatter, let's start immediately, because production times, as usual, are very tight!

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The "story within a story" is a narrative device that consists in telling a real story that is however inserted in an imaginary context. For example, the 1982 film Death Trap is about a comedy called Death Trap that tells not an original story, but the entire film. Another great example is 2002's Il Ladro di Orchidee; the film should have been the transposition of the essay of the same name written by Susan Orlean, but since screenwriter Charlie Kaufman encountered several difficulties, he chose to write a film precisely on the difficulties he encountered in writing the screenplay based on that essay.

Francesco Pannofino composed a piece for Boris

The famous theme song of the Occhi del Cuore is the work of Elio and the Storie Tese, and more precisely it is a revisited version of their own piece, Effetto Memoria, a piece divided into 4 movements, one for each season of the year, featured on the 2008 album Students. With a captivating tune and a strongly ironic text, the Occhi del Cuore acronym has become one of the trademarks par excellence of the entire series. Seriously don't you remember? Or maybe you want to listen to it again, huh? Well, you can find it here.

However, this song has not been present since the very first season of the series, in which, instead, the opening and closing theme is different. The piece we are talking about, or the closing theme of the first season of Boris, is called Ciak, and was written and performed by René Ferretti… That is… by Francesco Pannofino. The song, which Pannofino declared he had written just while he was working on Boris' set, then became a single, thus paving the way for Pannofino's career as a musician: in fact, Ciak is one of the songs present in Io Vendo Emozioni, first musical album by the famous actor and voice actor. Don't you remember it? Here it is, in a nice live version!

Boris Quotes

Boris is not only chock full of quotes, but also a source of quotes! As this is a television series, the writers enjoyed putting in some fun references to other media: for example, the first episode of Boris is titled My First Day, like the first episode of Scrubs. But there are also the titles of other episodes of the series that take up the titles of very famous films: The sky above Stanis and Stanis must not die cite, respectively, The Sky above Berlin and Misery Must Not Die, not counting the episodes Back to the Future and My Africa, which are also the titles (in this case not modified and "copied" on a par) of the two films of the same name.

When we hear, in the last episode, someone ask: "Who killed Laura Palmer ? ”, This is a very clear reference to the Twin Peaks television series. And how can we forget the famous directors mentioned explicitly in the series? How can we forget Stanis La Rochelle's lapidary judgment on Tuscan comedians?

With that 'c' aspiration and that cheap sense of humor, the Tuscans have devastated this country.

But what strikes and amuses perhaps the most is the opinion that our never too Italian Stanis by Stanley Kubrick always has, who is defined by Stanis as incapable in one of his most famous monologues:

Corinna and Stanis I consider Kubrick to be incapable! I consider him the classic example of artistic instability, he has patience! He is someone who faced one genre, failed and moved on to another genre. What do we want to call it? Huh? Then years and years from one film to another. Years and years of what, huh? Deeply embarrassed by the previous film, he has patience.

But Boris is not, as previously mentioned, just a container of citations; in fact, the series is explicitly mentioned and repeatedly in the text and video of the song Mai Dire Mai (La Locura) that Willie Peyote brought to Sanremo in 2021, where he came in sixth place and won the Critics' Award. The subtitle of the passage takes up the concept of locura expressed by one of Boris' screenwriters played by Valerio Aprea, and can be summarized as follows, using the words present in the character's monologue:

The worst conservatism which, however, is tinged with sympathy, color, sequins… It's the locura, René, it's the c *** o locura: if you catch it, you win.

In addition, Willie Peyote's piece is introduced by an extract from the same monologue by Aprea:

This is the Italy of the future, a country of music while death is outside .

Finally, a certain goldfish also appears in the official video of Mai Dire Mai…

The cameos of famous people

Many celebrities of the film, television and sports have made some brief appearances in the series. Among the many we remember: Valerio Mastandrea (an actor who has to audition for the series), Luisa Ranieri (the actress Verena), the Trio Medusa (correspondents of a reality show), Marco Giallini (the actor Valerio Zanetti) and Valentina Lodovini (the actress Jasmine).

In addition, some famous people interpret themselves, such as the director Paolo Sorrentino, the football player Sergio Brio and the TG3 journalist Giuliano Giubilei.

Finally, in a couple of episodes of Boris we can briefly see a gorilla (not a real one, but a man in a gorilla costume); well, this is also a quote, since it is the Gorilla present in many advertisements for the Crodino aperitif.

The two characters by Corrado Guzzanti

Let's close our collection of curiosities about Boris with the mention of Corrado Guzzanti, who plays the role of two distinct characters in the series: the first and perhaps most iconic is the actor Mariano Giusti, who plays the role of the Count in the "fiction in the fiction" Gli Occhi of the heart . Mariano is an irascible and violent type, even with Father Gabrielli, a Neapolitan priest colluded with the Camorra who, however, will also be his spiritual guide and agent. The peculiarity, in this case, is the fact that Corrado Guzzanti plays both the roles of Mariano Giusti and Father Gabrielli.

The fourth season of Boris will be available exclusively on Disney Plus starting next October 26th, to this address . Also on Disney Plus, you can also find the first 3 complete seasons of the hilarious series. In the meantime, you can enjoy the Boris movie quietly on your cash sofa: you can buy it directly here on Amazon.

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