Transformers Legacy from Hasbro

Transformers Legacy from Hasbro

With the 40th anniversary of the Transformers brand approaching, Hasbro Pulse unveiled for the first time at the end of 2021, a new line of figures coming out in 2022. These days the company has announced the new releases of this new line starting with a bang, but let's see them in detail below:

Products Listed:

Cybertron Universe Metroplex Motormaster Jhiaxus Elita-1 Predacon Tarantulas Knock-Out Wild Rider Blitzwing

Cybertron Universe Metroplex


Motormaster belonging to the Decepticons is the leader of the Stunticons. In addition to having a double transformation: truck and battle station, the robot can join his companions to form a giant transformer named Menasor.



Elita-1 courageously leads the forces of resistance, without fear in the face of danger and belongs to the Autobot faction. The action figure converts from robot to cybertronian auto mode in 14 steps.

Predacon Tarantulas

Knock- Out

Prime Universe Knock-Out is inspired by the animated series, Transformers: Prime. The decepticon is a talker and even though he is a doctor, he prefers to take apart robots rather than repair them.

Wild Rider

Wild Rider is one of Motormaster's companions. He is a bit of a loose cannon and when he sets out on the road, he drives to destroy all his opponents.


Blitzwing is part of the Triple Changer category, that is, those transformers who have a triple transformation. The decepticon terrifies his opponents by switching between his three modes in battle, laughing all the time.

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