Moon Knight: Oscar Isaac's future in the Marvel Cinematic Universe

Moon Knight: Oscar Isaac's future in the Marvel Cinematic Universe

Moon Knight

Moon Knight has just started his life within the Marvel Cinematic Universe, but we are already wondering about the future of the character, or rather of his interpreter. The first episode of the series dedicated to the Fist of Khonshu is out on Disney +, but we are already wondering what the future of Oscar Isaac will be in the Marvel Cinematic Universe after Moon Knight.

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What will be Oscar Isaac's future in the Marvel Cinematic Universe after Moon Knight?

Legitimate question, considering how all previous series were derived from pivotal events of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, from WandaVision to The Falcon & the Winter Soldier, or have been conceived as a link between the MCU's past and Phase Four. Moon Knight, by express authorial will, took a certain distance from adhering to the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Element that made Oscar Isaac feel at ease, as the actor told Variety:

“I was in a privileged position, because he wasn't looking for a production of another profile, which made me allowed to be able to say how I intended to develop the character, at the cost of rejecting the role. I wasn't afraid of doing the wrong thing. I had heard of these golden handcuffs (reference to the long contracts for the MCU actors and related constraints, Ed), and it was something I was against. Fortunately, we all agreed that this series would be all we would focus on. This is the history. And if there is any future, I think it only depends on the fact that people appreciate the work, that they want to see more, and if we will find a story that deserves to be told "

“This aspect had been considered for a long time in the past, when I think back to the contracts of Scarlett, Heimsworth, Evans and Jackson. It changes from project to project, casting after casting. What we really want are actors who join it because they are thrilled by this universe, excited by the idea of ​​being able to do great things, rather than being bound by contractual obligations "

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The big Moon Knight plot twist in episode 4 might have leaked

Marvel’s Moon Knight is the most mysterious MCU hero we’ve seen on Disney Plus so far, and that’s because Oscar Isaac’s character is making his debut in the TV show. That means we have no idea what to expect from Moon Knight, especially since plot leaks have been largely absent.

We saw a few teasers from the Moon Knight team. Some claimed episode 4 would deliver some sort of special development. Others teased the weirdness of episodes 5 and 6. And Isaac himself said we might have to watch the show several times to figure out what’s real and what’s not.

But we might finally be on to something, as the first massive Moon Knight plot leak has arrived. It details events from the upcoming episodes, including the plot twist in episode 4. Before we look at it, I’ll tell you that massive spoilers might follow. You’d be better off checking out our Moon Knight review if you want to avoid any spoilers.

What mental illness does Moon Knight have?

Even without the plot leak, Oscar Isaac’s teaser that we can’t know for certain what’s real and what isn’t in what we see on the screen is something to remember. Like WandaVision, Moon Knight deals with mental illness. Wanda (Elizabeth Olsen) created an imaginary world devoid of suffering to cope with her own grief in that show. Dissociative identity disorder is the issue at the heart of Moon Knight.

Steven Grant lives a similar life in the real world in Moon Knight. But he has blackouts when one of the other personalities takes over. We’ve met two of them, including Marc Spector and Moon Knight. And we saw how Marvel handles the illness.

We’ve experienced the fractured life that Steven has to deal with. And we’ve learned how dangerous and incredibly skilled Marc must be. Then, of course, there’s Moon Knight, the Avatar of the Egyptian moon god Khonshu (F. Murray Abraham).

All these characters have to inhabit the same mind, and this gives Marvel the freedom to do whatever it wants with the Moon Knight plot. The leak you’re about to see is further indication that Marvel might dive even deeper into Steven’s brain.

The big Moon Knight plot leak

Redditors found the Moon Knight plot spoilers for episodes 2-4 on some Discord. From the looks of it, the user who leaked the episode 4 plot twist could verify they had access to the first four episodes. It so happens that Disney made available four episodes to reviewers, keeping the final two episodes secret.

The leaker says that episode 2 will give us a fourth persona. That’s Mr. Knight, which seems to be Steven’s version of Moon Knight rather than Marc’s. If Marc is in the suit that we saw at the end of episode 1, then Steven will get the suit-like version of the suit that appeared in Empire.

Episode 3, meanwhile, should give us a look at various other Egyptian gods who have their own avatars. If real, it means the Egyptian gods have been roaming the planet for thousands of years. Like the Eternals. But that’s not Moon Knight’s big plot twist.

The episode 4 plot twist

Apparently, Arthur Harrow (Ethan Hawke) will appear in front of this council, where he’ll be able to convince the gods that Moon Knight and Khonshu are lying. That is, he isn’t trying to bring Ammit back to life. This turn of events will lead to Khonshu being imprisoned into a statue, leaving Marc and Steven without powers. The leaker also claimed that Harrow was once Khonshu’s Moon Knight avatar.

The leak then jumps right to episode 4’s ending, telling us that “Marc is shot and ‘killed,’ then wakes up in a mental asylum.” That reads like the kind of plot twist one can expect from movies and TV shows dealing with mental illness.

Things get even weirder if this Moon Knight plot leak is accurate. Ethan Hawke is the doctor trying to cure Marc and Steven. And yes, both of them are inside the mental institution. Also, Steven Grant appears to be the name of an archeologist from a movie playing on TV.

The strange animal in the Moon Knight leak

As always with Marvel plot spoilers, we have no way of verifying these Moon Knight claims. Episode 2, which premieres on Wednesday, should provide additional clues about the veracity of this report.

But what’s interesting in this Moon Knight episode 4 plot account is the presence of a certain animal. Apparently, the mental institution has sarcophaguses in it, with Steven being locked into one. That’s to say the Egypt theme is still present.

Marc and Steven try to escape, and they meet a CGI version of the Egyptian god Taweret. That name shouldn’t mean anything, but we did hear it early in episode 1. Goddess Taweret is a hippo, and Steven sells those at the museum.

Why is this animal detail important for the Moon Knight plot? It’s not. But the Moon Knight directors who teased episode 4 recently happened to have mentioned an animal that appears in episodes 2 and 4. Is it Tawaret? Will we see Tawaret appear in episode 2? Again, we’ll have to wait until Wednesday to find out more Moon Knight details.

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