Bubble: the similarities with the Attack of the Giants

Bubble: the similarities with the Attack of the Giants


Bubble is the new original anime from Wit Studio that will debut worldwide on Netflix on April 28, 2022 and will be released in Japanese theaters on May 13. Warner Bros. Japan has released a new video interview in which director Tetsuro Araki and producer Genki Kawamura commented on how they developed the parkour-inspired action, also highlighting the connection with Attack on Titan!

Bubble and Attack of the Giants: how are they similar?

According to the director, Bubble and Attack of the Giants are similar in that they both use parkour as a reference for their action scenes. Tetsuro Araki said he wanted to include this athletic discipline in the anime for his previous experience and to make things even more real he consulted with a professional parkour athlete, Zen.

Araki also explained that he told Hibiki's voice actor Jun Shison to act in a naturalistic way, and was given the space to put down the microphone and move his whole body. For Uta's voice actress Riria, the idea was that the singer's debut as a voice actress would complement the character's newfound discovery of what it means to be human.

Here's the video:

About Bubble

This is the synopsis of the film:

In a Tokyo where gravity has been upset, a boy and a girl are looking for each other… This story is set in Tokyo, after a shower of bubbles has fallen on the earth, subverting the laws of physics. Isolated from the rest of the world, Tokyo has become the playground of a group of young people who have lost their families, the backdrop for battles between parkour teams flying between buildings. One day Hibiki, a young champion famous for his reckless style of him, makes a rash move and falls into the sea that obeys the force of gravity. Uta, a girl with mysterious powers, saves his life. At that moment, the two hear a particular sound, imperceptible to the others. Why did the fates of Hibiki and Uta cross? Their meeting is the beginning of a revelation that will change everything.


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