BRZRKR 1 - Timeless Warrior, review of the comic by Keanu Reeves

BRZRKR 1 - Timeless Warrior, review of the comic by Keanu Reeves

BRZRKR 1 - Timeless Warrior

Keanu Reeves who invades the world of comics could only focus the attention of the entertainment world. Reeves' face is one of the most loved by cinema lovers, who have admired him in a long career studded with successes such as The Matrix, John Wick and Dracula, but have also supported him in less successful productions, such as Johnny Mnemonic. Without forgetting how his attitude away from the star's canon has brought him humanly closer to his fans, an aspect that has always distinguished Keanu Reeves. Strengthened by his closeness to the public, the actor finally tried his hand at comic book fiction, giving life to BRZRKR 1, comics with violent tones awaited at the test by fire with particular anxiety.

Published overseas by Boom Studios !, BRZRKR was, as easily understood, a publishing phenomenon, capable of establishing itself as the most funded comic project in the history of Kickstarter. Surely the presence in the credits of the series of a name like that of Reeves played the main role in this convincing exploit, but it should not be underestimated how the presence of an artistic team composed of artists of the caliber of Ron Garney has had a considerable weight. . A synergy that, upon reading the first volume, BRZRKR 1 - Timeless Warrior, however, lends itself to an examination that reveals some perplexity.

BRZRKR 1 - Timeless Warrior, immortality is a condemnation

In trying to uncover the secret of this soldier's immortality, scientists also try to reconstruct his history, discovering how his genesis is almost mythological. According to the reconstruction made by B. himself, he would have been born almost 80 million years ago, not of men, but as a response to the invocation of a woman belonging to a tribe victim of abuse by marauders. During a ritual of prayer for divine intervention, the woman, after asking her gods for a weapon to stop these ruthless enemies, is possessed by a spirit who conceives a new life with her. The child born of this encounter is Unute, a predestined whose name means both weapon and tool.

Ron Garney to the drawings is a guarantee, the real flagship of BRZRK 1 - Timeless Warrior. His nervous and muscular interpretation of the feral element of the character is impeccable, it finds full embodiment in the two different eras presented in this volume, showing two deeply different approaches but united by the ruthless and animalistic fury of Unute. In some passages, a sort of homage to masters who in the past offered a graphic vis that marked the portraiture of furious characters, from Miller to Windsor-Smith, could be perceived, but Garney's lucidity has always kept the designer on an impeccable linearity of the visual story, never predictable and able to best portray the complexity of the figure of Unute.

Lively compelling, but devoid of original impulses

An expressive power that is heightened by the coloring of Bill Crabtree , which finds in the use of a violent palette a perfect enhancement of the most bloody scenes, creating a suggestive contrast in the moments of psychological construction of B, with a radical chromatic change that predisposes the reader to a different emotional language.

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