Xbox Game Pass, March 2022: the first batch of games for subscribers

Xbox Game Pass, March 2022: the first batch of games for subscribers

Xbox Game Pass, March 2022

With the start of March 2022, we are faced with the usual first wave of games coming to Xbox Game Pass, which in this case is really very interesting, as we see in this traditional overview. A very rich month ended in terms of new releases but perhaps less so with regard to the subscription service from Microsoft, which in the two previous updates focused above all on smaller productions, even if it still managed to insert within the big games like Total War: Warhammer III.

In any case, as usual there is very little to complain about, however, it was almost twenty games added to the catalog, belonging to different genres and with some very interesting elements especially among the indies.

Xbox Game Pass, March 2022: the first wave of games for subscribers March 2022, on the other hand, seems to start immediately with some very thick productions, without forgetting that, in the second wave, some confirmed games are already planned for sure interest. Let's proceed with the overview of the first batch of games for Xbox Game Pass subscribers for March 2022, without forgetting the games that will be removed from the catalog on March 15, 2022.

Microsoft Flight Simulator - Cloud, March 1

Microsoft Flight Simulator, a screenshot of the game After being released on PC and then on Xbox Series X | S, Microsoft Flight Simulator finally arrives on the Cloud, with an ideal solution for many players given the rather demanding configuration required for to be able to play it at its best. In this way, it will be possible to sail the skies using any device compatible with the cloud service, provided of course you have a good connection. It is also the updated version with the World Tour 7 package, which allows you to try all the various free expansions released so far.

Microsoft Flight Simulator is the maximum technological evolution seen so far as regards this type of "games" and more, since it uses a series of particularly advanced solutions to simply stage the entire world as an explorable environment, taking advantage of interesting technological integrations between Bing maps, procedural construction and hand-drawn graphics. Not strictly a "game" in the strict sense but a true flying experience and a way to travel anywhere in the world.

Far: Changing Tides - Xbox, PC and Cloud, March 1st

Far: Changing Tides, an image of the game with the protagonist's boat After Far: Lone Sails, Okomotive evolves the particular concept developed for its first title with Far: Changing Tides, which moves the setting from the desert to the sea, introducing in this way several new mechanics and a remarkable variety of situations compared to the previous chapter, but maintaining that particular style that already characterized the bizarre "vehicular adventure". The protagonist of the story is Toe, a young boy intent on finding a new home, sailing the seas aboard a strange and complex boat that uses a series of mechanisms to move and resist bad weather and the threats of the open sea.

Awakened in a world semi-submerged by water and in apparent total solitude, Toe must learn to survive alone in this strange and boundless world, alternating surface navigation with scuba diving in search of treasures and various resources. Between survival elements and mechanisms related to navigation, Far: Changing Tides is a very fascinating game, which plays on melancholy and the sense of constant threat but also of great freedom.

Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII - Xbox and PC, March 3

Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII, a screenshot of the Square Enix game In the complex narrative construct of Fabula Nova Crystallis, or the "mini series" within the famous Square Enix franchise and entirely focused on thirteenth chapter, the most particular title and which probably has remained most impressed is Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII. Beyond some technological evolutions introduced in the years following Final Fantasy XIII, what characterizes the game most is its peculiar structure, which in some ways recalls the brilliant one of The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask. Again we are dealing with the end of the world and we must act fighting against time.

With 13 days left (with each day corresponding to 2-3 hours of actual play), Lightning will have to act fast and measure your strength to try to solve as many quests as possible without ever losing sight of the main objective. If this particular structure is also combined with a rather unprecedented characterization of the world and characters, we understand how this is one of the most curious and interesting chapters among the recent Final Fantasy.

Kentucky Route Zero - Xbox, PC and Cloud - March 10

Kentucky Route Zero, the image of a particularly magical moment in the game Between criticism and lyric ode of the Bluegrass State, Kentucky Route Zero can be considered one of the best examples of narrative applied to video games, in which the American State rises to the metaphor of a whole certain human condition that transcends geographical location, making it become a place of the soul and making history more universal and suspended. This fusion of realistic elements and dreamlike passages, humanity represented always grappling with extremely earthly but also metaphysical problems, represents a bit of the constant of Kentucky Route Zero, with the various disparate episodes held together by the presence of the bewildered messenger Conway and the his dog Homer (or Blue) to act as a link and suture between the strange events on the screen and the player / spectator / director.

The common thread remains the strange odyssey of Conway along Route Zero, but this is more than anything else a pretext to stage fragments of broken stories, each time falling into a different reality in this strange multiform adventure. Magic realism was talked about as a literary reference to the particular style used and the comparison is really fitting, for how the magical and the supernatural break into situations deeply linked to reality, told in the five wonderful acts of this unforgettable game.

Lawn Mowing Simulator - Xbox One, March 10

Lawn Mowing Simulator, a screenshot of the particular Lawn Mowing Simulator simulation arrives late compared to its PC counterpart, but the time has finally come for console users to try the thrill of simulated mowing. As already said at the first release, one might think that the "Simulator" craze is getting a bit out of hand, but as long as it manages to offer games that are actually well made, and as long as it manages to garner widespread support from the public, the the most absurd experiments.

The game in question probably falls into this category, since it is a lawnmower simulator: if your dream has always been to mow lush gardens aboard one of the most advanced specialized vehicles present on the square but - fundamentally - without having to get up from your chair at home, this is the game for you. Between maniacal reproduction of the machines and different environments that pose various obstacles and specific difficulties to be faced to get the job done, there is really only the real salary, but otherwise there is everything in Lawn Mowing Simulator.

Marvel's Guardians of the Galaxy - Xbox, PC and Cloud, March 10

The cover of Guardians of the Galaxy The most visible and awaited game of this first release of March 2022 is surely Marvel's Guardians of the Galaxy , the blockbuster by Square Enix and Eidos Montreal that arrives on Xbox Game Pass not far from its release on the market and after having garnered widespread acclaim from critics and audiences.

Contrary to what happened with Marvel's Avengers, the Guardians-centric action game worked well, staging a more traditional gameplay experience, set on narrative progression but with good gameplay mechanics and more elements. traditional and single player based.

Several elements combine to make it a pleasant game, as demonstrated in our review of Marvel's Guardians of the Galaxy: the combat system, the characterization of characters and settings, the narration and the technical realization. Everything comes together to create a truly refined and balanced game, reminiscent of classic third-person action productions, plus the charisma of very special Marvel characters.

Young Souls - Xbox, PC and Cloud, March 10

Young Souls, an image of the game showing a moment in the "normal" world It may be the most underrated game of this release but it is definitely not to be overlooked: Young Souls is a sliding action game which mixes the characteristics of different genres such as RPG and fighting, staging a compelling story about the "challenges of adolescence, friendship, affinity, family and duty" as described by the developers. The game world mixes contemporary elements with fantasy in a very particular way, also thanks to the cartoon style that makes the characterization peculiar and pleasant, like a sort of interactive comic.

The fascinating journey of the orphans Jenna and Tristan, in search of the missing scientist who has become a father to them, it becomes an odyssey between two worlds, alternating relatively normal situations such as training, Vespa rides and shopping for new equipment in the standard world with epic fights and challenges against goblins and fantastic creatures in the fantasy world in search of the missing putative father.

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