Test, Porsche Macan S 2022: in Courmayeur between bends and curves

Test, Porsche Macan S 2022: in Courmayeur between bends and curves

Test, Porsche Macan S 2022

On the occasion of the test of the GTS model, which took place a few weeks ago, we have already told you about the Porsche Macan; however, we had the opportunity to study the models that complete the range more closely and in depth during a press event. Porsche Macan is now available in four trim levels, each featuring a specific engine with the exception of the T (Touring) variant, conceived on the version with the basic engine.

The medium-sized SUV of the Teutonic brand represents the model of preferred entry, with over 600,000 units delivered worldwide since its launch in 2014; really important numbers, especially if we consider that about 80% of all Macan buyers are new customers and that the percentage of women is constantly growing (with almost 60% in China). These values ​​certainly make it one of the most important models in the recent history of the brand and the huge revenues obtained from sales allow Porsche to be able to concentrate on the most performing models.

Porsche Macan e Macan GTS
The new Macan family benefits, compared to the past, from increased performance, improved design and a renewed, more elegant and modern infotainment system. The entry model is powered by a 2-liter four-cylinder power unit, capable of delivering 265 horsepower and covering the sprint from 0 to 100 km / h in just over six seconds. Macan S and GTS instead share the same 2.9-liter twin-turbo V6 engine raised to 380 horsepower for Macan S and 440 horsepower for Macan GTS. The 0-100 for the latter two models is covered in 4.6 and 4.2 seconds respectively. Finally, all engines are combined with the famous seven-speed PDK dual-clutch gearbox and the Porsche Traction Management (PTM) all-wheel drive system. As mentioned, the Stuttgart house has increased performance compared to the previous generation by going to work on the engines by adding 60 more horsepower on the GTS and 26 more horsepower on the S.

More in detail:

Macan and Macan T: 2.0 265 HP 400 Nm; Macan S: 2.9 V6 380 hp 520 Nm; Macan GTS: 2.9 V6 440 HP 550 Nm. The chassis has been further optimized, improving both comfort and dynamic performance of the car, and offering a series of packages to make the sporty SUV even sharper and more incisive. Important changes also involved the bodywork area, with a redesigned front with a tint-on-color or contrasting insert, depending on the model under consideration. The changes also extend to the lateral part, with the introduction of the new sideblades that slim Macan's muscles, and end at the rear with the addition of a brand new extractor of marked dimensions.

Sideblade Seven new designs dedicated to alloy wheels, 19 and 21 inches, and two new body colors (Papaya Metallic, Gentian Blue Metallic) that are added to the 12 already available, including the beautiful Phyton Green dedicated exclusively to Macan GTS with GTS Sport package. To complete the package, Porsche introduces a more modern dashboard by removing most of the previous controls and replacing them with easily inserted touch controls.

Many changes that we have been able to study in the splendid setting of Courmayeur, on the occasion of a designed mountain route by Porsche between the famous ski destination of Val d'Aosta, La Thiule, Colle San Carlo, Morgex and Les Combes.

Some of the cars tested

Porsche Macan S 2022

Thanks to the test of the GTS declination we were not completely lacking in the characteristics and ambitions of the car, thus managing to grasp and appreciate the differences more between the two models. As mentioned above, between Macan S and GTS they share some of the technology and are highly customizable; for example, the standard air suspension installed on the GTS can also be purchased as a package on the S. How does the Macan S behave?

During our road test, spread over almost two days of journeys and routes, the he idea that we have made is quite clear and takes up what was our prediction gained during the test drive of the Macan GTS. Macan S is probably the version that most convinces us as a solution to be used in everyday life; it is high-performance, the sound is engaging, but at the same time it is comfortable without appearing "too extreme". When there is space and the possibility to "play" Macan S, like GTS, manages to entertain and amaze with an almost unexpected agility. Of course, we recognize that the more performing version is capable of giving more, but we believe that for daily use S is more than adequate.

The V6 biturbo, albeit with a few horsepower and Nm less torque, it's fast and the PDK gearbox never misses a beat. We had already had this feeling with the test of the 992 Turbo and we will never tire of saying it: Porsche's dual clutch gearbox is truly something sublime, the perception is that the system can practically read our thoughts and engage the right gear at right moment.

Dynamically it is less "exuberant" than GTS, at least in our opinion, but for this very reason it is possible to get in tune with the car after a few kilometers. Despite the mass, however close to 2 tons (definitely not a featherweight, but in line with the rival proposals), the brakes do their job very well, always ensuring a high degree of safety. The Macan and Macan S are braked as standard by 350 x 34 mm (front) and 330 x 22 mm (rear) cast iron discs. On request, as on the model under test, it is possible to install the Porsche Surface Coated Brake package (PSCB / 390 x 38 mm front, 356 x 28 mm rear) as standard on the Macan GTS, which ensures greater biting force with less fatigue. br>

Although we believe that consumption is not one of the possible focuses of the average Porsche buyer, given the target and the price of the models, Macan S is less energy-intensive than GTS. While with the more powerful model we had achieved an average of 8 km / l (combined) capable of dropping to 3 km / l in the most "explosive" occasions, with the S we measured a slightly better (combined) average but we were still able to see i 4 km / l on some occasions. On the motorway, with the Adaptive Cruise Control at 130 km / h in seventh gear, we got about 12 km / l; a more than acceptable value for a car of this type.

We do not dwell too much on the interiors which, as you can imagine, follow and follow those of the GTS variant and are characterized by the presence of electrically adjustable seats, large displays and high quality materials (leather, plastics and Race-Tex).

In conclusion, we believe that Macan S 2022 is a successful solution from all points of view; the Porsche midsize SUV for those looking for everyday performance and comfort. The prices of the Porsche Macan 2022 start at 67 thousand euros for the “entry” version up to over 94 thousand euros for the GTS model; for the T and S declinations it is necessary to spend, respectively, 73 thousand and 77 thousand euros.

The only aspect, purely aesthetic, that we have not been able to appreciate concerns the front: we would have preferred a greater distinction between the models and not only limited to more or less contrasting painting. Except for small details, the models in their versions are aesthetically (perhaps) all too similar, without therefore having distinctive somatic traits as was the case in the previous generation (between Turbo and not).

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