Soulslike to buy | The best of 2022

Soulslike to buy | The best of 2022

If there is a recent line of video games that has been able to captivate millions of gamers all over the world, it is the soulslike one. Born at From Software with that timeless cult of Demon's Solus, of which a recent remake has been made for PS5, the Japanese house has refined its qualities in proposing games of the genre first with the Dar Souls trilogy and then with the beloved Bloodborne. Among these productions, other development teams also wanted to have their say, expanding dramatically the playroom that offers fans always new soulslike experiences.

These are role-playing games with action components, (if you love classic RPGs take a look at this guide) that I propose to the players the following aspects that we find often and willingly in the works of Miyazaki and From Software. From the obfuscated and narrated narrative through a lore, to the layered and well-distributed level design, up to a careful exploration and the combat system. In this guide, we will try to show you which are the best soulslike to buy, those titles that have been able to exploit properly the formula devised by FromSoftware!

Best Soulslike

Demon's Souls Dark Souls Elden Ring Bloodborne The Surge Nioh Sekiro Shadows Die Twice Code Vein Remnant: From The Ashes Mortal Shell

Demon's Souls

Let's start where it all began, with the remake of Demon's Souls for PlayStation 5. Developed by the talented guys at Bluepoint Games , the iconic title originally dated 2009 has kept its corrupt soul intact on the one hand, and received a marked visual and effect enhancement on the other. Furthermore, the animations are now smoother than in the past, with the development team having decided to leave the combat system unchanged; definitely faithful to the original work of FromSoftware that gave birth to this genre of video games.

Dark Souls

Once you're done with Demon's Souls, you can recover the entire Dark Souls trilogy thanks to the 'Dark Souls Trilogy', including the remastered of the first beloved and still very popular chapter, the other two titles of the saga, all the DLCs of the three games and the magnificent soundtracks. A great opportunity for anyone who has never played one of the most influential trilogies in video game history, but also for all those who want to get back on their feet in Lordran, Drangleic and Lotric.

Elden Ring

Elden Ring Among the new releases of this soulslike genre is it's also Elden Ring, one of the most anticipated From Software titles ever. In addition to returning to a dark fantasy setting that winks at the Dark Souls trilogy, in this new work by Hidetaka Miyazaki and George R.R. Martin the open world element is inserted. Elden Ring not only embodies all the inimitable spirit of From Softaware, but within a few weeks it has already met with stratospheric success, becoming one of the eligible candidates to win the game prize of the year.

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Impossible not to mention Bloodborne in this guide. Developed by FromSoftware itself exclusively for PS4, it is still one of the best soulsikes on the market today. With a Gothic / Victorian setting and a bestiary strongly inspired by the works of Lovecraft, Bloodborne offers fans a similar experience, but at the same time different, compared to the previous works of the Japanese software house. This diversity derives above all from a combat system that replaces shields with guns, making the title hectic, due to a defense based mainly on parry, counterattacks and dodges. It will also be impossible not to fall in love with the excellent art design of characters, enemies and setting. All this will leave you breathless.

The Surge

Let's now turn to a different team from From Software talking about The Surge saga. We are talking about two titles with a particular setting. The title takes place in a dystopian future where the Earth is now compromised due to climate change. Warren, the protagonist, will have to face several operators with crazed exoskeletons and the out of control machines of the CREO. The Deck13 saga offers a very interesting futuristic variant that even replaces the classes with different exoskeletons.

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Developed by Team Ninja, the two chapters of the Nioh saga are among the best soulslike with a strong action influence. The classic mechanics of the subgenre merge with the beautiful Japanese setting, enriched even more by its folklore made of very fascinating and scary spirits and yokai. The Japan of the Sengoku era devastated by Oni and demons with orcish features will leave you addicted thanks to a fluid and frenetic gameplay, and unique boss fights to discover. If you love some classic soulslike styles, but prefer a much more action-packed gameplay, the two Niohs are what you have always dreamed of.

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Sekiro Shadows Die Twice

Although by many it is not considered a true soulslike, Sekiro Shadows Die Twice has certainly suffered a strong influence from the previous works of FromSoftware. This is an action that will put you in the shoes of Sekiro, an experienced shinobi in the middle of the Sengoku era. Among lotus flowers, demons and well-characterized antagonists, you will have to make your way with katana shots and prosthetic tools installed in the mechanical arm of the protagonist. What will mark the outcome of the fight will not be the stamina, but the posture (both yours and the opponent's) that you will have to break and defend to get the better of your enemies. Even though it's pure action, it's impossible not to rank among the best soulslike ones.

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Code Vein

Developed and published by Bandai Namco, Code Vein is among the best soulslike for its rather particular style: with graphics in perfect anime style and a series of events that take place in a very inspired post-apocalyptic scenario. We will play a Revenant, or a survivor of the cataclysm known as the 'Great Ruin', who modified his body through a parasite. Unlike the soulslike classics, Code Vein also introduces a sort of 'Companions' system that will support the player.

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Remnant: From the Ashes

Post-apocalyptic scenario, Lovecraft-style monsters and darkness; but deal with it all with firearms. Remnant: From The Ashes is definitely one of the most interesting and best successful experiments among the non-From soulslikes. The title wisely blends classic Souls mechanics with a third-person shooter. The result is a surprising and compelling game that, although it has several differences from the original vein, the work of Gunfire Games offers that dose of punishment and commitment classic of the subgenre.

Mortal Shell

The recent Mortal Shell, developed by Cold Symmetry and published by Playstack, it immediately captured the attention of the press and users, thanks to its shades very close to Dark Souls, but with a combat system and a series of move sets of the various weapons a little closer to the frenzy proposed with Sekiro . Despite some uncertainties, given its strong semi-independent nature, the work of Cold Simmetry has been well received and is going to insinuate itself as one of the most interesting soulslike to try for lovers of this still very strong trend in the sector.

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How to choose the soulslike that suits your tastes

Since From Software began to break in this game structure now unanimously defined as soulslike, many fans they have become fond of a series of experiences that do not want to lead players by the hand. The gameplay is the basis of games of the genre, but the narration should not be underestimated, usually told in an emerging way through the same setting, the places, the characters, and the various objects that are found along the way.


The difficulty of such productions is always one of the most discussed elements. These are games not suitable for everyone due to a series of elements that sometimes require retrying and retrying certain situations, bosses or levels. The challenge is on the order of the minute within a soulslike, so if you love more guided or cinematic experiences it will be difficult for you to make friends with these productions.

Soulslike for all tastes

This does not mean that soulslike ones that are more open to a less demanding public cannot exist. Among these we would like to recommend the various Code Vein or Remonant From the Ashes. The first is a title that fits perfectly with a Japanese anime-style atmosphere and characters, and that will appeal to even those who don't particularly appreciate the dark fantasy of Dark Souls or the more recent Elden Ring.

Remant From the Ashes, on the other hand, offers a much more atypical gaming experience. Although the title incorporates various components from soulslike, this production adds a combat system all focused on firearms, bringing this kind of experience into a new perspective. To these more "atypical" soulslike ones we should also include the two From Software productions most distant from the Dark Souls saga, namely the exclusive PlayStation Bloodborne and the more oriental Sekiro Shadow Die Twice.

Instant Cult

If, on the other hand, you want the hard and raw soulslike experience and you are not afraid to enjoy an all-encompassing experience, then the Dark Souls saga is the perfect starting point to start this journey, and while you're at it, we can only advise you to take a ride on the brand new Elden Ring.

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