Sky and NOW: the main news from 13 to 19 March

Sky and NOW: the main news from 13 to 19 March

Sky and NOW

March has arrived and is preparing to be another month full of news brought by Sky and NOW. Between TV series and films, the schedule will expand considerably, leaving viewers glued to the screen. Let's find out together the main new titles that will be available from 13 to 19 March 2022.

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Sunday 13 March


The Class of 92, a film documentary detailing the rise of six young Manchester United players very talented (David Beckham, Nicky Butt, Ryan Giggs, Paul Scholes, Phil and GaryNeville). The film spans 1992-1999, culminating in Manchester United's European Cup triumph, and will dramatically intertwine the team's ups and downs with the immense social and cultural changes taking place in Britain at the time.

Monday 14 March


After they called him Jeeg Robot, Gabriele Mainetti returns to directing with a spectacular eulogy to heroism and the fantastic with Claudio Santamaria, Aurora Giovinazzo, Pietro Castellitto and Giorgio Tirabassi. 1943. The Jew Israel leads a group of freaks who work in a circus: Matilde the electric girl, Fulvio the wolf man, Mario the magnet dwarf and Cencio the insect boy. When the Nazis occupy Rome, they decide to embark for America, but their path is blocked by Frantz, German pianist and artistic director of Zirkus Berlin. Man has found a way to see the future and does not want to allow Germany to lose the conflict. He has understood that to achieve his purpose he must imprison Matilde, Fulvio, Mario and Cencio, and exploit their superpowers.


Ten years ago the Twilight film saga ended, based on the best-selling Stephenie Meyer, which tells the exciting and complicated love story between a young girl, played by Kristin Stewart, and the vampire Robert Pattinson. From Monday 14 to Friday 18 March, Sky Cinema Collection proposes the 5 films that make it up and that have conquered the peaks of the international box offices. It was 2008 when TWILIGHT was released in Italian and international cinemas, in which the teenager Bella Swan meets the charming and mysterious Edward Cullen at school and soon falls in love with him, before discovering that he is actually a vampire. In the second chapter, NEW MOON, the two young men are separated and Bella finds comfort in her friend Jacob, who being a werewolf is a sworn enemy of vampires and therefore a further obstacle between her and Edward. In ECLIPSE Bella finds herself having to choose between her love for Edward and her friendship with Jacob, and having to escape from a group of bloodthirsty vampires. In the next chapter BREAKING DAWN - PART 1, Bella and Edward make a crucial decision, they marry and leave for their honeymoon, but an unexpected and dangerous pregnancy again places Bella at a crossroads. Finally, in 2012, the final chapter of the saga, BREAKING DAWN - PART 2, was released in cinemas, Bella is "transformed" and finds herself having to protect her daughter from enemies ready to do anything to extinguish her and the Cullen lineage.


Wednesday, March 16


From the directors of Leatherface - The massacre begins, Alexandre Bustillo and Julien Maury, a horror where fear comes from the abyss. Ben and Tina delight in making movies in mysterious places in hopes of getting enough views to earn. Arriving in a town on the shores of a lake that seems too touristy, they discover from a local that in an isolated branch of the lake there is a house that has been immersed in water for 30 years. Soon Ben and Tina's enthusiasm will give way only to fear.


Thanks to the family's unlimited access to their private archive, which includes a vast collection of unpublished works, films, incomplete projects, never seen before interviews and recordings of unreleased concerts, ZAPPA tells the career of Frank Zappa, a musician who is an enemy of politically correct, from his beginnings as a self-taught person to the battle against censorship, up to his latest works. A film that explores the private life behind the gigantic musical career that never strayed from the political turmoil of his time. The documentary is enriched by the interventions of Zappa's widow, Gail Zappa, and many of his historical musical collaborators, including Mike Keneally, Ian Underwood, Steve Vai, Pamela Des Barres, Bunk Gardner, David Harrington, Scott Thunes, Ruth Underwood, Ray White. Not a nostalgic journey into the past, but a modern exploration of a brilliant man whose vision of the world, art and politics has always distinguished himself by going beyond the patterns of the times in which he lived.


Nicknamed «The cannibal policeman», Gilberto Valle was convicted in March 2013 for eating the remains of young women. Valle argued that it was all a fantasy and the prosecution narrative convinced the jurors otherwise. Valle was facing a possible life sentence when director Erin Lee Carr began visiting him in prison. After 22 months behind bars, his sentence was overturned in an extraordinary twist. This documentary reveals the conflicting stories of a potentially dangerous young man and the unexpected consequences of our online activity.


Using high-speed cameras, this series uncovers some mysteries of animal biomechanics. . How do bats, sharks and chameleons move in their environment? This documentary uncovers the miraculous moments and behaviors that fill the natural world. Through an ultra-fast photography technique and cutting-edge graphics, viewers can decipher and admire the beauty of animals in action. From the springy movement of a chameleon's sticky tongue to the floating ability of a dragonfly, CAUGHT IN MOTION opens a window into this fast-paced world of physiological elegance and adaptation.

Thursday March 17th


Seth Rogen in the film adaptation of a short story by Simon Rich. In 1919 Herschel Greenbaum emigrated to America to build a better life. One day, while at work, he falls into a vat of pickles and remains in brine for 100 years. He wakes up like this in today's Brooklyn and without having aged a day. Now the only thing he can do is search for his offspring.

Friday, March 18th


The first Sky Original prison drama, featuring Luca Zingaretti. The series, in eight episodes directed by Giuseppe Gagliardi (1992, 1993, 1994, Non Kill), sees the beloved Roman actor protagonist in the role of the controversial director of a border prison, absolute ruler of a structure - the San Michele - in which none of the laws of the state has value, because good and evil depend solely on its judgment. Until the investigations of a prosecutor (played by Anna Bonaiuto) do not hinder his work. Il Re is produced by Sky Studios with Lorenzo Mieli for The Apartment and with Wildside, both companies of the Fremantle group, in collaboration with Zocotoco.


The incredible stories of diving professionals and their close encounters with the splendid creatures of the deep sea, such as dolphins, manta rays, humpback whales and sharks.

Saturday 19 March


Glenn Close and Mila Kunis in a drama based on a true story. Molly's life has been adrift due to opioid abuse for ten years. A new drug may give her a chance to get up and start living again, but she will need to be able to stay clean for four days. To help her in her enterprise is her mother Deb. The love between them will be put to the test.


Through the eyes of Antonio Citterio, one of the best known Italian designers in the world, and Patricia Viel, co-founders of the Milanese architecture studio ACPV, the film takes us to a vision of design in the architecture of tomorrow, centered on an armistice between nature and the built environment. Alternating dialogues with various personalities from the world of fashion, art, design and investigating the architectures designed by ACPV, the documentary offers a vision of the post-Covid world, in the midst of the climate crisis and urban redistribution. The latent energy contained in the architectural places is evoked through musical scenes set in different parts of the world (Milan, L'Aquila, Hamburg, Taichung, Miami) in which individual musicians spread spatially distant notes that meet in a single composition capable of breaking down distances and projecting man into his natural habitat, that of the cities of tomorrow.

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