Harry Potter Wizarding Quiz: the review

Harry Potter Wizarding Quiz: the review

Harry Potter Wizarding Quiz

How many times has it happened to you to get lost in endless discussions about the fantastic world of Harry Potter? Well, now you have the opportunity to prove to yourself and your friends that you have always deserved that letter. With over 1000 questions and 2 levels of difficulty, Harry Potter Wizarding Quiz will test even the most savvy of Potterheads, giving away the infamous Cup of Houses and, above all, your credibility as wizards. Grab your brooms and fly to Hogwarts.

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Harry Potter Wizarding Quiz - Components

Inside the box you will find:

1 electronic console; 1 instruction manual; 3 AA batteries included.

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Let the challenge begin!

The game mechanics are simple and intuitive. Once they have chosen their own house, the players take seats behind the respective button. After a nice introduction accompanied by the unmistakable soundtrack, the guided voice will start asking targeted questions about the Harry Potter universe. There are two difficulty levels, beginner and expert, and they are excellently calibrated: the first perfect for beginners or rusty fans, the second will put even the most prepared connoisseurs to the test.

Generic photos The game master will take care of everything you need, you just have to concentrate and have fun. He will explain the rules to you, ask questions, keep count of the points classification and announce the winner. We also point out a nice addition that has made us more than a few smiles: occasionally the guided voice will comment on your answers, not sparing timely lectures and amusing lectures.

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The game is aimed at people of all ages who, however, share one essential requirement: a passion for Harry Potter. This makes it inflexible, and strongly tied to the right opportunity and the right group. Furthermore, the 1000 questions, although initially many, risk posing a problem of repetition in the medium-long term.


Harry Potter Wizarding Quiz is a perfect game for lovers of the brand, and for no one else. Accepted this condition, it turns out to be pleasant, fun, challenging and extremely competitive. Ideal for quick games and less suitable for prolonged sessions, it will amaze you with a masterfully weighted difficulty and excellent theming, which will immerse you completely in the atmosphere you have always dreamed of living.

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Harry Potter Quiz: Are You Smarter Than Hermione Granger?

Harry Potter is a name that everyone is rather familiar with. He's the boy who lived, but what about his two best friends? There's his red-headed friend Ron Weasley who, despite having a big heart, isn't the sharpest tool in the shed! Hermione on the other hand, is a different story.

Hermione Granger is the most intelligent student in her year, with her nose always in a book and a brain full of facts. Despite being born a muggle, she is more knowledgeable about the wizarding world than her peers.

However, not everyone admires Hermione's intellectual ability. Bully, Draco Malfoy, dislikes being shown up by a girl, and potions master Snape dislikes the fact that Hermione knows all the answers to his questions. But Hermione doesn't care, as she lets her knowledge continue to expand! Professor McGonagall even gave her a time-turner in her third year so she could take more classes at once. Hermione is proven very dedicated to school-work!

This quiz will show if you are at the educational standard of Hermione, or maybe even higher! You'll have to put your thinking caps on and remember the small details in the films.

So, let us commence and find out if you are truly smarter than the A+ student herself, Hermione Granger!

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