Harry Potter: the best magic wands to buy

Harry Potter: the best magic wands to buy

Harry Potter

Last December the first Harry Potter film, incredible but true, turned twenty years old: the magical world created by JK Rowling reaches, in its cinematic version, two decades without ever ceasing to renew itself and enrich itself with many innovations all from discover. Harry Potter has in fact now become a global brand, immediately recognizable as well as a true cornerstone of today's popular culture. With tens of millions of fans to satisfy, coming from every single part of the world, it is clear that there is a lot of material to work on ... Even in terms of merchandising, and today we want to do just that: here is a list of the best drumsticks Harry Potter magic to buy, designed for true collectors and for all fans, coming directly from the magical Wizarding World. Are you ready?

Best Harry Potter Magic Wands to Buy

Harry Potter Magic Wand Hermione's Wand for Kids Lucius Malfoy's Wand Magic Wand with Bookmark Harry Potter Wand from Ollivander Wands with Card of the train Magic wand with Lumos spell Dumbledore's interactive magic wand

Harry Potter's magic wand

Generic photos Let's start immediately with the most classic wand of all: that of the protagonist of the saga that we have all learned to know and love in the last two decades. This Harry Potter wand, made with official license, is a replica full of truly spectacular details: the ideal accessory for any collector but also for those looking for the perfect gift for young and old.


Hermione's Magic Wand for children

Let's then move on to another wand, that of Hermione Granger, in a more "cheap" version especially suitable for children. Made with an official license, like all the products on this list, this magic wand still manages to make a good impression: in fact, there is no lack of highly sought-after details and details, for an inexpensive gadget with a guaranteed impact.


Wand Stick by Lucius Malfoy

From a cheap gadget… To one for big, big fans. Lucius Malfoy's cane is in fact one of the most incredible objects of the entire saga, and this replica absolutely manages to do justice to what is a true work of art. The stick has a length of 115 cm compared to the 45 of the magic wand - the two components can be separated! - for a product where the unmistakable snake head-shaped decoration stands out on the pommel. A truly precious gadget, but above all a must for true collectors of the Wizarding World.


Magic wand with bookmark

With attention to the smallest details and with a length of 34 cm, this replica of Harry's magic wand (also available in the version Voldermort) is officially licensed by The Noble Collection and made from PVC. As always, great attention to detail is not lacking, for a gadget that arrives accompanied by a fantastic and exclusive prismatic bookmark.

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SEE ON AMAZON - Voldermort

Harry Potter wand from Ollivander

Who among us hasn't dreamed of at least one time to enter Ollivander and be chosen by his own magic wand? This other replica of Harry's wand will undoubtedly succeed in making your wish come true, for a product made with high quality materials accompanied by an elegant box signed by the most famous shopkeeper in Diagon Alley. Not bad, right?


Chopsticks with train ticket

Another round, another replica made with official license and with truly obsessive attention to detail ... But that's not all! In fact, these wonderful versions of Albus Dumbledore's or Harry's wands present two interesting gifts for all those who decide to buy them: a rigid figurine and, above all, an exclusive ticket to get on the train arriving at Platform 9 and ¾!

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SEE AMAZON - Harry's wand

Magic wand with Lumos spell

A wand with enviable details made in molded resin, 17.7 cm long and produced as always with official license. What makes it a truly special gadget, however, is the possibility of inserting a battery (included in the package) to take advantage of all the magic of the Lumos spell, for an effect with a sure impact that is perfect to leave everyone speechless!


Dumbledore's interactive magic wand

We close with a very special magic wand, dedicated to the headmaster of the Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. This interactive wand will allow you to discover 11 different spells for 5 different game modes: training, speed challenge, army of dumbledore, multiplayer and single game mode. A fun gadget as well as a really good gift idea, perfect for collectors and anyone who loves the magical world of Harry Potter.


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