3 great soundbars under 200 euros

3 great soundbars under 200 euros

Hisense HS214, Lg SN7CY and Sharp HT-SBW202 are three soundbars to be placed under the latest generation TV capable of offering, at affordable prices, a much higher audio quality than most smart TV systems. In fact, the question that many consumers ask themselves is whether it is worth making a purchase of this type; this time we have established a maximum threshold of 200 euros. For those who want to spend even less we have created a guide dedicated to soundbars under 100 euros.

The first answer is simple: these soundbars reproduce the sound of movies, TV series and even music with greater clarity and power than common televisions. Top-of-the-range LCD or plasma defends themselves better, but it really depends on the series and brands.

The ideal home theater system is the one made up of several speakers and a subwoofer, but it has the serious defect of being bulky, multiplying the cables and risking being overwhelmed by children; wireless models are a more comfortable variant but the subject of debate on the efficiency front. Then there are the soundbars with external subwoofers and finally the single soundbars. So far these are configurations, but then the type of ports available, the supported audio formats and any accessory functions matter a lot.

The design The Hisense HS214 does not shine in the design and also has a partial leatherette upholstery with a somewhat modest hammered effect. However, the dimensions are contained in 650 x 95 x 58 mm and the weight is approximately 2.17 kg. It features two 20-watt full-range speakers and a 40-watt woofer (3-inch); the total declared power is 80 watts. It has an arc hdmi connection, a coaxial connection, an optical connection, a 3.5mm audio input, a usb port and bluetooth 4.2 support. It integrates a small led display. The power supply is integrated so just plug the cable into the socket. There is also a nice remote control to manage every function, even the TV (if this has a hdmi arc port).

Hisense HS214

HisenseL'Lg SN7CY is a fairly austere model resulting from the collaboration with Meridian, the historic English brand specialized in hi-fi. It measures 890 x 65 x 119 and weighs 4.4 kg. It features two 30-watt front speakers, two 35-watt top speakers, a 30-watt center speaker and two rear passive low-frequency radiators. Overall LG declares a power of 160 watts. Rear connections include an HDMI 1.2 input port, an HDMI output port, an optical port, a USB port and bluetooth 4.0 support. The power supply is integrated; there is also a remote control with rubber dust-catching buttons. Optionally, two Lg rear bluetooth speakers can be combined.

The Sharp HT-SBW202 is a soundbar with rounded lines with reduced personality, at least in terms of aesthetics. On the other hand, it is easily mountable thanks to a rear configuration that already provides holes for the screws. It integrates only two speakers but measures 920 x 64 x 86 and weighs 1.7 kg. The paired subwoofer is active and connects to the main unit via bluetooth 4.2 - the pairing procedure starts automatically when plugged into the power outlet. The total declared power is 200 watts. On the back there is an hdmi-arc port and a usb port. The soundbar's power supply is external. There is also a white LED display. The remote control is a bit plasticky and essential.

The audio quality The Hisense HS214 is undoubtedly the soundbar that amazes the most, positively. Because size and power should theoretically outline the profile of a product at the limits of the efficiency threshold and instead it shines. Really good audio quality during video streaming sessions: the dialogues are clear and the audio effects have an adequate thickness. Of course you shouldn't expect the bass depth of a subwoofer system or a more famous product such as the Sonos Arc (for over 900 euros) or the Sonos Beam 2 (which costs half the price) but overall the experience is satisfactory. However, it should be noted that this model only supports the Dolby Digital format and not the more advanced ones such as Dolby Atmos. In purely musical use, the experience is acceptable, but nothing striking.


Lg The LG SN7CY, compared to the Hisense model, levels up on every front especially thanks to the support Dolby Atmos, Dolby TrueHD, DTS: X and other quality standards. In addition, the overall power of 160W contributes to a more immersive experience, especially with video streaming. The surround effect is perceptible but obviously you have to position yourself centrally with respect to the device; on the sides the impact is reduced. The depth of the bass is however limited, miracles cannot be expected, even if it is much higher than the Hisense. The music quality is very satisfying and each frequency is reproduced adequately. On the other hand, the system even supports 24-bit 96KHz high-resolution audio and MP3, AAC, OGG, WMA and FLAC formats via USB port.

The Sharp HT-SBW202 offers an overall audio quality similar to the LG model even if the subwoofer also puts on the plate an obviously higher boost on the bass; push but not so much depth unfortunately. The two speakers in the soundbar make the dialogue very clear, but when the scenes become noisily more complex everything becomes a little darker. Fortunately, you can intervene on the equalizer via the remote control and restore an ideal condition. A real shame, however, that the most advanced audio formats are not supported. As regards musical reproduction, it is difficult to detect shortcomings; the contribution of the subwoofer is excellent, especially with the most lively genres.

Sharp HT-SBW202

Sharp Conclusions The Hisense HS214 has an unbeatable quality-price ratio, but we recommend it especially for video streaming or digital terrestrial TV; for music it is better to focus on something else. The LG SN7CY is a good compromise for every need, even musical. And then the possibility of adding two wireless rear speakers is undoubtedly a plus. Finally, the Sharp HT-SBW202 has sufficient power for any situation; the only weakness is not to support the most advanced audio formats.

Hisense HS214 89 € - buy on amazon Wired: excellent value for money, adequate audio for movies and TV series, small footprint

Tired: revisable design, not too exciting musical quality

Lg SN7CY 199 € - buy on amazon 289.99 € - buy on lg 272.99 € - buy on mediaworld Wired: good balance in audio reproduction and music, advanced audio formats support

Tired: slightly massive design, not too deep bass, external power supply

Sharp HT-SBW202 189.99 € - buy on amazon Wired: Good overall power , suitable system for both movies and music

Tired: lack of support for advanced audio formats, somewhat cheap materials

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