5 projectors under 200 euros that transform the living room into a cinema

5 projectors under 200 euros that transform the living room into a cinema

There are not a few projectors designed for those who would like to transform their living room into a cinema room, collecting content from streaming services that offer us access to a catalog with thousands of films and TV series, and perhaps enhancing the audio aspect. with soundbar finally able to replace bulky home theater systems.

Never as in recent years it takes very little to succeed even with a not very high budget - and for this very reason a projector is no longer just for those who want to create a cinema in the living room. Thanks to lower and lower prices, the audience of these devices has expanded: from gamers who want to experience the thrill of playing the titles of their favorite console on a screen of over 100 inches to those who simply want to relax on the sofa and enjoy the programs. favorite TVs by letting oneself be immersed in images.

For many types of curious audiences, the number of devices released in recent months and years is substantially endless. That's why we have selected some of the most popular, from Philips to Pixthink, for sale under 200 euros and updated in early 2022.

Yaber Y31 A good projector for home use and above all for the price at which is proposed in this period. The maximum resolution is full hd but through downscaling it is also possible to reproduce content in 4K on a surface of up to 300 inches diagonally, while the integrated speakers are powerful enough not to force you to use an external system. Good endowment of ports, which includes two hdmi, two usb, one vga, and a mini jack audio output. Brightness and contrast are claimed to be 7500 lumens and 8000: 1 respectively, for an average viewing experience.

199.99 € - buy from amazon Philips PicoPix Nano As big as a normal action camera, Philips' PicoPix Nano is a projector designed to be carried anywhere: in fact, it fits in a pocket. It projects images in full HD (1920 x 1080 pixels) with a maximum diagonal of 60 inches and is equipped with an integrated speaker, as well as a wireless connection and micro SD slot. The built-in rechargeable battery guarantees autonomy for 80 minutes of playback.

173.99 € - buy on amazon Hopvision Mini T21 Photo: HOPVISION

It can project full hd images up to 240 inches with a power of 6000 lumens. The integrated cooling system increases the lamp life up to 90,000 hours of playback. It mounts the hdmi, usb, vga and 3.5mm headphone jack connectors and is equipped with two speakers. Requires the use of an external stick - or dongle - to take advantage of services such as Netflix, Amazon Prime and others.

€ 84.99 - buy on amazon Pixthink M1 Photo: Pixthink

Grande 12 , 5 x 13 x 20 cm and with a total weight of 1.45 kg, Pixthink M1 is a good solution for those who want to have a projector that is easy to transport, perhaps to the beach house or camping: in fact, a carrying bag and white panel for projection. It features two 3-watt speakers, an efficient cooling system and a multi-coated glass lens to deliver more vivid and lifelike colors. It natively projects in 1080p - with 4k support - up to 4 meters away giving us a large 200 inch wide screen.

159 € - buy on amazon Xidu T3 Photo: Xidu

The blatant look vintage shouldn't be deceiving: Xidu T3 is one of the latest projectors to come out on the market, and therefore equipped with most of the features included in competing gadgets. The wi-fi provision allows you to mirror the contents of your phone and computer even wirelessly, while for films and series from the streaming platforms you go from the common hdmi cable. The maximum displayed resolution is 1280 x 720 pixels on an ideal surface of up to 108 inches, while the maximum brightness is 8000 lumens.

149.99 € - buy on amazon

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