Batgirl: The new photos from the set show the Firefly costume

Batgirl: The new photos from the set show the Firefly costume


The Dark Knight cinematic universe will expand in the coming months with Batgirl, a film made exclusively for HBO Max and which will see Leslie Grace play Barbara Gordon's alter ego. Thanks to the new photos of the set, however, we can also take a look at the costume of Firefly, the historical enemy of the Batfamily.

Batgirl: Firefly costume shown

A Brendan Fraser will take care of it, returning to the limelight after several years of inactivity. Former protagonist of Doom Patrol, a DC Comics series in which he lends his voice to Robotman, the actor is once again ready to dive into the world of comics.

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Exclusive new look at Firefly's Full Costume (mask included)! #Batgirl

- Batgirl Film News (@BatgirlFilm) March 1, 2022

The Batgirl movie had a rather troubled gestation in the over the years. Joss Whedon had previously been cast as a potential director, but the collaboration with Warner eventually ended due to some controversy unleashed on the set of Justice League.

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Filming is currently underway in the UK. Previous Batgirl was played on the big screen by Alicia Silverstone in Batman & Robin.

While waiting for more information on the film, you can recover Chuck Dixon and Scott Beatty's Batgirl: Year One. You can find it, at an affordable price, by clicking here.

Batgirl set photos show off first look at Firefly’s full costume

Filming on Batgirl continues in Glasgow, and it looks as though Firefly is finally getting his full costume.

While we had previously seen set photos of Branden Fraser in character, nothing about his attire exactly screamed “Firefly.” Everything changed, however, on Tuesday evening as a chase stunt was being filmed.

Please do not read any further if you prefer no spoilers to stunts.

First up, Firefly dons his mask and hues pretty closely to the comics, tubes and all.

And here’s the costume in motion on a stunt man, minus the mask.

And it looks as though it’s going to be a hot time on the old (Gotham) town tonight!

And here’s another angle on the chase stunt.

We still don’t have an exact release date for Batgirl, but producer Michael Uslan has said it will be in December of 2022 on HBO Max.

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