Tesla may introduce its branded headphones and other audio products

Tesla may introduce its branded headphones and other audio products

Tesla could expand its range of accessories and branded products with the launch of new audio products. The company has, in fact, extended the registration of its brand also to cover the category consisting of audio equipment such as headphones, speakers, microphones and many other products that, potentially, can fall into this category.

Tesla could , therefore, become an audio brand? Perhaps. This maneuver may, in fact, have been carried out to protect the Tesla brand and avoid its use by other companies. It should be noted, however, that Tesla has already in the past created accessories and products not strictly connected to the world of four wheels, often launched with prices decidedly above the market average thanks to the strength of its brand.

Federicovecchio.com The launch of audio products, such as headphones or speakers, with the Tesla brand could be a move certainly appreciated by enthusiasts. On the table there is also the hypothesis that the company autonomously creates the equipment to be mounted on its cars to improve the audio sector. In short, in the future Tesla premium audio accessories may arrive at the disposal of customers who will buy a Tesla Model 3 or a Model Y for example.

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