Starfield: A short animation shows New Atlantis, the capital of the United Colonies

Starfield: A short animation shows New Atlantis, the capital of the United Colonies


Starfield continues to show itself with the dropper, waiting for the official presentation which will take place only towards the spring of this year, in this case with a short animation on New Atlantis, the capital of the United Colonies.

It is, basically, of an animated gif published by the official Starfield Twitter account, which has long been reminding us of the upcoming arrival of the game by releasing similar images, artwork and fragments. In this case we can see a glimpse of New Atlantis, which should represent one of the largest and most spectacular environments that can be visited within the game.

New Atlantis has already shown itself previously, when Bethesda has published three videos with the scenarios of Akila, Neon and New Atlantis, and it is an extremely advanced metropolis from a technological point of view, representing the summa of the civilization reached by the United Colonies in the Starfield universe.

Also in this case it is an artwork, therefore it is not yet given to see the game in an effective way, after the first presentation trailer at E3 2021 which - at least - was built in-engine and could give an idea of ​​the style and quality of Starfield. It appears that Bethesda is planning to reserve all the materials from the actual game for the presentation which is scheduled for this year, probably in the spring of 2022.

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Starfield Developers Gives Players A Sneak Peek At New Atlantis

Bethesda Softworks teased another location in the upcoming Starfield.

Starfield is already a massively popular video game, and it’s not even out yet. It’s mainly because of who is developing this title, Bethesda. This development team is behind The Elder Scrolls and Fallout franchise but is soon delivering their new IP into the marketplace. Later this year, we’ll be diving into Starfield, an upcoming futuristic title based around the colonization of space.

Bethesda has been keeping their lips pretty tight when it comes to this game. We haven’t seen much content for the project, but that should change in the coming months. Still, there are small little teases released in the form of concept art. Today, we actually got another tease of a new location we’ll be exploring called New Atlantis. The video clip uploaded by Bethesda offers a small description of what exactly this location is famous for.

According to the developer commentary, New Atlantis is the capital city of the United Colonies. It’s a location known for its strong military and political power. However, players will find it a hub for different races, so you’ll get a true melting pot experience by wandering around the city.

Now, just what we’ll be doing while in New Atlantis remains to be seen. Although, we’re bound to be exploring New Atlantis quite a bit since it plays a major role in the United Colonies. Of course, for now we’ll have to wait and see just what else Bethesda has in store for us. Currently, Starfield is not slated to release into the marketplace until November 11, 2022. When it does, you’ll find it exclusively available for the PC and Xbox Series X/S platforms. Meanwhile, those on Xbox Game Pass can expect the game available at launch. Unfortunately, since Microsoft has acquired Bethesda, it doesn’t look like PlayStation 5 owners will be able to get their hands on this RPG.


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