Spider-Man: Candylion.cos Spider-Carnage cosplay is female

Spider-Man: Candylion.cos Spider-Carnage cosplay is female


The Spider-Man narrative universe is always expanding, including movies, comics and video games. Even the world of cosplay does not just recreate the masked version of Peter Parker, but also offers interesting variations, such as Spider-Carnage by candylion.cos, which shows us a cosplay in a female version.

candylion.cos offers us a simple cosplay, with a costume of not excessive quality, but do not forget a little makeup on the face to remember that the symbiote is in control of this version of Spider-Man. Obviously, her version of cosplay is female. The photos are taken by thegeekstrong, a well-known photographer dedicated to the world of cosplay.

If you are a fan of Spider-Man, then you should see the cosplay of Gwen Stacy from missbricosplay. Even imspider_gwen's Gwen-Venom cosplay is by no means to be ignored. We close our suggestions with the Venom-Black Cat cosplay made by nix.

Tell us, what do you think of the Spider-Carnage cosplay made by candylion.cos? Is it quality, or do you think you've seen higher level versions?

Have you noticed any errors?

Andrew Garfield Revealed Zendaya Improv'd Iconic “Spider-Man: No Way Home” Scene

Another day, another Spider-Man: No Way Home hidden gem we’ve been blessed with. This week, we learned that Hunter Schafer visited her Euphoria costar Zendaya and the “insane” Spider-Man set in Atlanta. Last week, Andrew Garfield opened up about the specific scene that made him reprise his role. Now, it’s time to learn a bit more about that hilarious bread scene. 

(Warning: spoilers for Spider-Man: No Way Home ahead.)

In case you don’t know what scene we are talking about (and decided to ignore the warning above), various characters from other Spider-Man universes make it into to the MCU during No Way Home. At first, it looks like it’s only the villains, but we soon learn the other Peter Parkers (namely Andrew Garfield and Tobey Maguire) have also traveled through the multiverse. And, of course, they end up meeting the film’s core trio — Tom Holland’s Peter Parker, Zendaya’s MJ, and Jacob Batalon’s Ned Leeds.

When Andrew's Spider-Man first meets MJ and Ned (and his adorable “Lola”), the pair is shocked to the core and quickly need to find a way to prove Andrew's Spider-Man is the real deal and not just bluffing — seeing as, you know, they are in a little bit of a life-or-death situation. To do so, MJ resorts to the most obvious choice: throwing a loaf of bread at him to see if his Spidey sense (or as she calls it “the tingle thing”) kicks in — which, long story short — does not happen. Andrew’s character goes on to explain he has “the tingle thing” but not when it comes to a teenager chucking bread at him. However, it turns out, MJ was not even supposed to throw bread at Andrew's Spider-Man to begin with.

Andrew himself revealed that we have Zendaya to thank for the comedic scene. The actor dished all about Z’s impromptu decision while speaking to Josh Horowitz during his Happy Sad Confused podcast — yep, the same one where he admitted to openly lying to Emma Stone about his involvement in the film. 'At first, Zendaya picks up a candlestick or something to like threaten me with, in that first scene where I come in, but then there was this basket of bread,' Andrew says. 'That was her just going, 'Can I just throw bread at him?' and [director] Jon [Watts] was like, 'Yeah, throw bread at him.'' (Now the question remains… would the Spidey sense kick in for the candle? I mean, if it is lit up, it does seem substantially more perilous…)

Even if it was not meant to be this way in the beginning, the bread scene has become one of fans' favorite moments from the film. Andrew said the experience felt just like 'kids just playing' and we can totally see why that’s the case. Now, Sony and Marvel, if you want to give us the behind-the-scenes cut, we will gladly watch.

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