Sonic Frontiers was postponed before being introduced

Sonic Frontiers was postponed before being introduced

During this last year we have seen many postponements, mainly due to the pandemic still in progress, which has inevitably slowed down the work of the software houses. The case of Sonic Frontiers is decidedly particular, because unlike other titles the new game of the blue hedgehog was even postponed even before the general public was aware of the product.

The revelation took place during the usual Q&A with SEGA investors and shareholders. The Japanese publisher and developer has in fact revealed how Sonic Frontiers was actually scheduled for 2021, just in time to celebrate the thirtieth anniversary of the series. However, this was not the case and the reasons are to be found in the production difficulty. "We originally planned everything for this year's release. In the end, we had to postpone the game for a year to improve the quality, ”they explained from SEGA. The postponement has (inevitably) also moved the presentation, which most likely was actually scheduled for last year.

The Japanese publisher and developer then added that the decision to postpone everything to next year has matured after conducting QA tests (i.e. quality control tests) of the game outside their offices. After receiving the opinions on the matter, the decision was made to postpone it. Certainly not an easy choice, which prevented SEGA from being able to celebrate its mascot properly.

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