Record of Ragnarok, luckofthelion's Aphrodite cosplay reveals infinity

Record of Ragnarok, luckofthelion's Aphrodite cosplay reveals infinity

Record of Ragnarok

Probably one of the few characters from Record of Ragnarok that will remain etched in the minds of fans after the end of the series is Aphrodite, which cosplay subscribes to for obvious reasons. Basically we are talking about a character with extreme femininity. In a certain sense it is almost caricatured in its showy attractiveness, which in any case can only strike.

In the photo below, the cosplayer luckofthelion interprets it in an interesting way, leaving the costume unchanged, but placing the goddess on a richly decorated bed, as beautiful as she is. To prevail are white and gold, which embellish the whole scene, moreover photographed very well.

For the rest we can see that the details have all been treated with extreme rigor, both in the hair and in the rest of the body, making the figure recognizable and intriguing, like the original. Overall we are facing an excellent job.

This is not the first version of the Record of Ragnarok Aphrodite that we propose, which you have shown to appreciate very much. Among the most beloved cosplay of the goddess, the one of moonchild_77 and that of shino-zaki stand out, which we invite you to watch.

Have you noticed any errors?

Record of Ragnarok || Shiva || [2022]

Or as my best friend and I call him - 'Man Boobs'. Don't ask, it's a running gag between him and me. We started Record of Ragnarok on Silvester (not knowing the Aprodite-Meme) and while watching, I was like 'Boobs!' whenever Aphrodite was on the screen and eventually, we did the same whenever Shiva was onscreen - Thus, we dubbed him 'Man Boobs'.So everytime when one of them is onscreen, both of us say either 'Boobs' / 'Man Boobs'. It's almost like a drinking game (though honestly, you'd probably be intoxicated quickly with all these boobie-shots).

Anyway, I love Shiva's design and the character in general, though I have to say that he has to share the place of my No. 1 favorite with Lü Bu and Kojiro Sasaki. They're  both great as well :3

I hope I get to color him soon, though I don't know when I'll be able to. My printer is broken and I am afraid of coloring it without having a copy of it ^^'Anyway, hope you like it :D

I intend on either drawing Lü Bu OR Aphrodite next ^^


Date of upload:09.01.2022

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