Intel permanently eliminates AVX-512 on Alder Lake

Intel permanently eliminates AVX-512 on Alder Lake

As reported by Igorslab, Intel intends to disable AVX-512 instructions on Alder Lake CPUs. To do this, the well-known chip maker will likely release a new microcode update that will prevent any workaround from successfully enabling AVX-512 on motherboards.

Credit: Intel In fact, despite Intel's claims, it doesn't It took a long time for owners of Alder Lake processors to realize that disabling E-cores within the motherboard BIOS opened up the possibility to still enable AVX-512 support on P-cores. According to another IgorsLab article, it appears that this ability was born by chance. Motherboard manufacturers could reactivate the AVX-512 with microcode hacks in the BIOS. Almost every motherboard vendor has taken advantage of this, making it a mainstream option. Intel, however, has been firm on its position that Alder Lake doesn't officially support the AVX-512 and enabling the instruction set could lead to errors.

What's even more bizarre is the instruction set's performance. AVX-512, in specific workloads, are very efficient. IgorLabs also tested the strengths of the AVX-512, noting that the energy efficiency with the AVX-512 was higher than the AVX2. Recall that not all workloads benefit from the AVX-512; therefore, it is best not to assume that E-cores are undersized and disabling them to make the AVX-512 available again is always worth it. There are still many workloads that benefit from having both P-cores and E-cores working together.

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