Highschool of the Dead and its OVA coming to Anime Generation

Highschool of the Dead and its OVA coming to Anime Generation

Highschool of the Dead, one of the most loved series by the new generation of fans, arrives on Anime Generation, the first thematic channel entirely dedicated to Japanese animation, together with the special OAV: Drifters of the Dead, as reported by the Facebook page of Yamato Video .

In order to access Anime Generation it is necessary to have a subscription to Amazon Prime Video, the price of which is 36 euros per year or 3.99 euros per month with a free 14-day trial.

Highschool of the Dead: the anime

The anime series was produced by Madhouse (Death Note) and aired in Japan from July 5, 2010 until September 27, 2010. It was directed from Tetsuro Araki (Attack of the Giants) on a script by Yousuke Kuroda (Trigun).

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The Italian cast sees Andrea Aldani in the role of Takashi Komuro, Katia Sorrentino is Rei Miyamoto, Gea Riva double Saeko Busujima, Martina Felli is Saya Takagi, Francesco Mei as Kota Hirano, Chiara Francese as Shizuka Marikawa, Valentina Pallavicino as Alice Maresato, Renato Novara as Hisashi Igou, Mattia Bressan as Koichi Shido and Iolanda Granato as Rika Minami.

This is the plot:

“During a normal school day, a pandemic suddenly breaks out due to a virus that transforms human beings into zombies, euphemistically called by the protagonists of the story“ them ”. The story revolves around Takashi Komuro, a Japanese student from Fujimi High School, who survives the initial outbreak of the pandemic along with some of his classmates (and especially classmates = and the school nurse. "

Highschool of the Dead: il manga

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In Italy it is published by Planet Manga and you can retrieve the promo volume on Amazon!

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