Here are the best blockchain ecosystems of the moment

Here are the best blockchain ecosystems of the moment

Some of the best blockchain ecosystems based on one of the most valuable factors, namely developer involvement, were revealed in a report released by Electric Capital, an early stage venture capital firm that focuses on open source, fintech, repositories. cryptocurrencies, markets and blockchains.

Over the past year, around 65% of active developers have joined the development of web3, pushing its development to set a new all-time high. 2021 ended as the year of greatest engagement, as new developers reached 34,000, a 14% increase from 2018 and the highest in history.

On average, around 7,895 active developers they joined web3 on a monthly basis, from January 2021, estimating a 75% increase in the year. The report highlighted the fact that the number of monthly active developers joining web3 has increased when prices and markets were tending to rise and has remained consistently stable when prices and markets are down. The number of monthly active developers who have committed code to web3 and open source cryptocurrency projects has surpassed 18,400. According to the report, of these 18,400 developers, about 680 developers work on Bitcoin and more than 4,000 on Ethereum.

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The report includes a comparison of average monthly active developers from December 2020 to December 2021. The report indicated that Solana had the highest growth rate in 2021 and grew fivefold in the year. Solana is followed by NEAR which grew four times in the year and became the largest blockchain ecosystem of 2021, after Ethereum, Polkadot, Cosmos, Solana and Bitcoin. Polygon's monthly active developer doubled, while Cardano recorded 90% growth. Additionally, BSC's monthly developers grew by 80%, Cosmos by 70% and Bitcoin by 10%.

The report also overlooked smaller blockchain ecosystems that acquire fewer than 300 developers. Harmony, Terra, Fantom and ICP monthly active developers quadrupled from December 2020 to December 2021, while Alorand and Avalanche tripled their developers.

According to the report, blockchain ecosystems emerged with the rate of growth fastest had the following percentage of full-time developers:

Terra - 312% Solana - 307% NEAR - 291% Fantom - 271% Avalanche - 179% Polygon - 175% Kusama - 161% Dfinity - 146 % Moonriver - 125% Algorand - 116%

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