Greg Lobanov working on a new game with the Chicory team: A Colorful Tale

Greg Lobanov working on a new game with the Chicory team: A Colorful Tale

Greg Lobanov working on a new game with the Chicory team

With a post on Twitter, Greg Lobanov, author of successful independent titles such as Chicory: A Colorful Tale and Wanderson, announced that he was working on a new project, of which he shared a very small taste with a GIF.

"I waited a long time before letting everyone know: I'm working on something new with the Chicory team: A Colorful Tale," said Lobanov. "I can't wait to be able to say more about it! I hope to be able to share details in 2022."

The message is accompanied by a very short GIF of a bizarre but at the same time adorable creature, who with all probability is related to Lobanov's new mysterious project.

Given that Lobanov has "waited a long time" before announcing that he is working on a new project, we can guess that the game has been in production for several months, perhaps even before the launch of Chicory: A Colorful Tale, which arrived on PC, PS5 and PS4</a> in June of last year.

If you don't know what we're talking about, this is a top-down adventure in a world where the player can draw on any thing, like in a kind of coloring book. It will be necessary to exploit this peculiarity to solve puzzles, with the aim of bringing the colors back into the world, which disappeared together with the superstar Chicory.

To find out more, we recommend reading Chicory's review: A Colorful Tale by our Nicola Armondi who praises Lobanov's work, describing it as "a magnificent, sweet, refined adventure, which hits where it hurts more but gives you hope for the future. Both on a narrative and artistic level it is simple and therefore perfect. The gameplay is varied and challenging enough to stay interested throughout the adventure and the metroidvania structure makes it pleasant to re-explore the environments. The only limitation could be to use the controllers: the mouse has a level of immediacy that is fundamental in Chicory; if you can, give priority to the PC version. "

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