Goodwill by Manlio Castagna, the prequel novel of Mercy by Mirka Andolfo, is out

Goodwill by Manlio Castagna, the prequel novel of Mercy by Mirka Andolfo, is out

Goodwill by Manlio Castagna

Goodwill by Manlio Castagna, a young adult novel that serves as an official prequel to Mercy, Mirka Andolfo's Lovecraftian-inspired horror comic that made up of intrigue, fear, men and monsters published in Italy by Panini Comics and in the United States will be available from January 25th. from Image.

Goodwill by Manlio Castagna

Goodwill by Manlio Castagna, the prequel novel of Mercy by Mirka Andolfo

The protagonist of Goodwill is Lady Hellaine's namesake Unknown butler. Manlio Castagna narrates its origins by expanding the rich imagination of Mirka Andolfo's narrative universe through the eyes of the protagonist.

The same author says:

Ambrosius Goodwill is a complex and very fascinating both to read and to tell. Exploring the genesis of Mercy through the eyes of a Stranger just arrived in our world, in every sense, was exciting. Working closely with Mirka was an experience that stimulated me right from the start, also because I have always admired his talent. I believe that Goodwill and his story will thrill both Mercy readers and those approaching these characters for the first time.

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It was a real honor to work with an author like Manlio Castagna in expanding the universe of Mercy with Goodwill. For me, and for Arancia Studio, it is essential to make our narrative universes grow by entrusting professional experts from various media. I am always thrilled to observe the creativity and ingenuity in evolving the worlds and stories we have created through different languages ​​and forms, just like Manlio did with Mercy.

Here is the synopsis of Goodwill, the volume is embellished with a cover illustration signed by Mirka Andolfo and Antonio De Luca herself:

In a livid dawn in November 1851, after a trip by seven months, the settlers arrive in what will become Seattle. Hope, happiness and despair mix with the rain that soaks them to the bone. It is in this community of willing men and women that little Ambrosius Goodwill is born. His childhood passed peacefully until at the age of four, playing in the woods, the child disappeared. He stays away from home for a week. It is useless to beat the forest palm by inch, and the Journey of Knowledge undertaken by the great Indian shaman to find traces of the child does not give reassuring answers. Then, on a stormy day, Goodwill reappears on the doorstep. But he is no longer the carefree child he was before: he does not seem to suffer from hunger, cold, do not feel sleep or feel emotions. And when tragedies involving the whole community begin to happen in Seattle, it is said that it is that child who brings misfortune ... Ambrosius Goodwill, the rumors said, had been to hell and returned with death.

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