Crysys, the remastered ones abandon an iconic mod

Crysys, the remastered ones abandon an iconic mod


Crysis 2 and Crysis 3 in remastered version for PC will soon be orphaned of a very particular and very appreciated mod. We are talking about Photo Mode, created by Frans Bouma, who in the past has already worked on other add-ons distributed on his Patreon page. But now Crytek has asked for the removal of the tool that allows you to take screenshots in game, leaving the creator amazed.

Bouma has published the email received from Crytek on his Twitter profile. As you can see from the screenshot, the German development team asked the modder to remove the Photo Mode for the remastered versions of Crysis, as it would break the EULA. No one, it seems, can actually mod the remastered versions of the trilogy. “As you can see from the official CRYENGINE website, we don't offer any kind of license for modding. We formally ask you to remove mods from your Patreon page and other places where they are present ”, the words contained in the email sent to the creator.

Is that all? No, there is more. Bouma will hardly be able to make an appeal, also because not removing the mod within 7 days would mean clashing with the developer's legal department, but in his Twitter post he specified how in reality this add-on is not a child of CRYENGINE and that he created the code himself. “I haven't used any game assets. The mod contains only binaries compiled by my own code and is not linked to any type of resource contained in the game ”, reads the twitter. However, this defense could hardly hold up in a court of law.

Crytek apparently doesn't want thousands of people posting screenshots of their game on social media and other sites. FTR I don't distribute any game asset; my camera tools only contain binaries compiled from my own code and not linked to any game asset.

- Frans Bouma (@FransBouma) January 13, 2022

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The remastered versions of Crysis will therefore be orphaned of this mod. Clearly there are many users who have expressed solidarity with Bouma and at present the mod is destined to disappear into thin air. We will see if in the future Crytek will retrace its steps or not.

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