Cheap air purifiers | The best of 2022

Cheap air purifiers | The best of 2022

UPDATE 04/01/2022: we have replaced a series of air purifiers with more modern and efficient models, always with an eye to the price.

Cheap air purifiers are rather simple devices from the point of view. view of functions. They do nothing but suck in the polluted air, pass it through some special filters and then expel cleaner air free of any microparticles and odors. Valid allies in all those places that for one reason or another have to remain closed most of the time.

Apartments in the winter, very busy offices, places where in general the air struggles to keep circular and where the risk of creating a spoiled atmosphere is very high. In large cities, where pollution thresholds have reached worrying levels in recent years, they then prove to be valid allies in all apartments and houses.

But how do they exactly clean the air? There are different types, from the cheapest, which cost even less than fifty euros, to the most expensive, such as the Dyson PureCool that we also analyzed thoroughly in our review. Price differences which are due to some differences:

Air flow: value that is measured in cubic meters / hour, and which indicates the actual capacity of the purifier. The cheapest ones will be effective only in the smallest environments, some of the most expensive are able to be effective even on large surfaces that exceed 50 square meters Type of filtering: there are various types of filtering. The most common is the one with a HEPA filter, which is a multilayer and certified paper filter capable of absorbing particles as large as 0.3 micrometers. It is the only filter present in all purifiers. Depending on the model, however, there are multilayer filtering systems, which can also include activated carbon filters (ideal for retaining organic molecules, typical of very intense odors) and proprietary filters, such as Rowenta's Allergy + capable of capturing and eliminate formaldehyde. Smart functions: some purifiers, such as the Xiaomi Mi Air Purifier, can be controlled by application via the smartphone or via the most popular voice assistants, such as Google Assistant and Alexa. Based on these three factors and excluding one or the other, different products are obtained that are more or less suitable to meet specific needs. If the area to be purified is very large, you will not be able to rely on the cheapest purifiers, because they will not be able to filter large quantities. If, on the other hand, you needed a purifier for your desk, smart controls could be superfluous.

The market offers a plethora of very different options and for this reason we at decided to create this collection of those. which we consider the best cheap air purifiers under 250 euros.

Best cheap air purifiers

YISSVIC purifier Philips air purifier Diki air purifier Ozone generator Purifier DeLonghi Xiaomi Mi Air Purifier Air Purifier Levoit Xiaomi Mi Air Purifier Pro Renpho RP-AP088B

YISSVIC Purifier

Generic photos. It is one of the most economical, compact and least expensive air purifiers available on the market today. With a price below 40 euros, it measures only 18.6 x 18.6 x 25.8 cm and weighs 1.26kg. It has a cylindrical shape and can be easily placed on the desk or in the bedroom. It conveys the air from the lower part and passes it through the HEPA filter. Thanks to a pure copper motor, consumption will be minimal, with a maximum load of 12W. Perfect for small areas and can also be used with essential oils to perfume the room.

Philips Air purifier with HEPA filter

Generic photos. The Philips purifier is able to guarantee an air flow of 63 square meters, with incredible effectiveness if we take into account its compact size. Equipped with various filters, including HEPA, which allows you to eliminate the smallest particles, the solution of the Dutch manufacturer boasts the so-called AeraSense, a sensor that allows the monitoring of the air quality of the home environment able to give you, through the digital display, a luminous feedback that indicates the exact level of PM2.5 present in the air. With the Philips AC1215 / 10, therefore, in addition to having good protection from pollution, you can choose different modes depending on the current situation, among which there is obviously the automatic mode, which analyzes the surrounding air autonomously and sets automatically the right power level to allow you to breathe healthily.

Diki purifier

Equipped with a touch panel and a modern design, the Diki air purifier is ideal for small offices, smoke, pollen and bad smells. Its greatest strength is the silence with only 24 dB at minimum speed, which will allow you to use it quietly even in bedrooms or in quiet environments. Despite being small and compact, the filtering capacity is very good, as is the consumption. The multilayer filter consists of a pre-filter that can block larger elements, such as pet hair and dust. Added to this is the Hepa filter, an activated carbon filter that eliminates odors and a last layer that blocks carbon leaks and prolongs the life of the filter.

Ozone generator

Generic photos. Ozone generators produce ozone particles which eliminate odors. They are therefore suitable for all environments that require clean air, where air circulation is very difficult. Ozone is ideal for eliminating cigarette and kitchen smoke, but it also generates negative ions that cool the air even in rather large spaces. The model we propose is of high capacity and will be able to be efficient up to 300 square meters, placing itself as an excellent alternative to classic air purifiers.

DeLonghi Air Purifier

The Nobebird air purifier allows you to manage a flow of 300 cubic meters of air every hour and is therefore suitable for use in medium environments with surfaces up to to a maximum of 25 square meters. Also ideal for small businesses and in general for all those places where it is difficult to have good air circulation. As in the Partu purifier, also in this case there is a four-layer filtration system. In addition to the high efficiency HEPA filter with a CADR 255+ rating, there is also the honeycomb activated carbon filter that traps and retains the organic particles responsible for bad odors. Despite the high filtering capacity, the compact dimensions of 21 x 21 x 31 cm allow for a small footprint.

Xiaomi Mi Air Purifier 3H

Xiaomi Mi Air Purifier 3H is suitable for surfaces up to a maximum of 45 square meters, therefore small shops but also apartments, or rather large rooms. The design is pleasant and elegant and integrates perfectly in all environments thanks to its compact size. Inside there is a double fan capable of circulating a significant amount of air per minute. It is managed via the touch controls at the top or via the Mi Home application directly on the smartphone. The integrated sensors allow the purifier to understand when the levels of pollutants in the air exceed the maximum threshold, thus activating it only when needed. It is also compatible with voice assistants, such as Google Assistant and Alexa. The replacement of the filter is also notified directly on the application at the appropriate time. In addition to the Hepa filter there is also an activated carbon filter for the removal of organic particles.

Levoit air purifier

It is one of the best economical air purifiers for rooms up to 55 square meters. The large filtering capacity makes it advisable for an area of ​​at least 28 square meters, as it would be superfluous on smaller spaces. There is a three-layer filtering system, with a preliminary filter that blocks animal hair and large particles, Hepa filter and activated carbon filter for the elimination of odors. In the upper part, a convenient panel allows you to manage the filtering power and speed but there is no possibility of being able to manage it via the application. At minimum speed it produces a noise of 27dB and can be set by timer with intervals from one to twelve hours.

Xiaomi Mi Air Purifier Pro

It is one of the most expensive in this guide but also the most modern and suitable for spaces up to a maximum of 60 square meters. Mi Air Purifier Pro is able to reduce PM 2.5 until it almost completely eliminates it and also in this case there is a composite filter with HEPA filter and activated carbon filter for the elimination of odors. The filtering system is very effective and allows you to purify medium to large environments in just a few minutes. The high filtering capacity allows it to operate at reduced speed thus reducing the noise produced. There is also the possibility of control via the Mi Home application and full compatibility with Google and Amazon voice assistants to be able to activate or deactivate it with a simple voice command.

Renpho RP-AP088B

In the course of our continuous research, we have decided to add the Renpho solution to our customized list, since it has all the credentials to ensure that your room is optimally purified, allowing you to breathe clean air. Equipped with the very important HEPA filter and a noise level of only 26dB, this model will be able to filter 99.97% of allergens and circulate the air in an entire room of over 20 square meters 3 times per hour. The indicator that warns you when it is time to replace the filter is also very useful. In short, an excellent solution for those who want to have in their home a device capable of eliminating potential pathogens that circulate in the air.

How to choose an air purifier

Having established what are the advantages of an air purifier and the reasons why you should buy one, now is the time to find out what are the factors to consider if you want be sure to bring home a valid purifier, capable of actually removing the bacteria present in the air and making you breathe well.

Air flow

As it is easy to guess, the first factor to consider when buying an air purifier is the amount of air that can move the device, after it has been filtered. Usually, manufacturers tend to include in the product characteristics the square meters that the appliance will be able to cover, so it should not be difficult to buy the right model for your room, since you just need to know how big it is and look for it. a model capable of ensuring this coverage.

However, often some models, especially those of a certain level, tend to guarantee higher performance than those declared, so even if the model you are about to buy does not reach the square meters of your room you don't have to worry. Obviously, for physical reasons, small air purifiers will be rather ineffective in large rooms, so if you need to clean the air in a decent size environment, avoid considering extremely compact models right away.

HEPA filter

Since an air purifier has the task of safeguarding a person's respiratory system, filters play a fundamental role, since bacteria and dust will be captured from the latter. As you know, there are several dedicated filters but the one that ensures the best results is the so-called HEPA filter, which achieves filtration efficiency up to 99.995%. It is therefore highly recommended that you consider an air purifier with a HEPA filter and, possibly, overshadow models that rely on other filtration solutions.


A purifier air is often left on overnight, so noise is an important aspect. Usually, values ​​that are around 50dB are considered barely perceptible to the human ear, especially during the day. The models reported by us enjoy very low noise levels, as well as a special night function that drops the noise up to 20dB, an imperceptible threshold even if you are alone and closed in a room.

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