China, the history of secret police stations

China, the history of secret police stations


Supervise and punish, control and repatriate: these are the functions of the 102 secret police units installed by China in dozens of countries around the world, to keep an eye on its citizens who have emigrated abroad. This was revealed by an investigation by the human rights group Safeguard Defenders , an organization based in Madrid, which monitors the deportations and disappearances of people by the Beijing government .

The report Patrol and persuades , surveil and persuade in Italian, revealed the existence and size of the control network, discovering how these police units would often also be established through bilateral agreements with many countries in Europe and Africa. Among these are Croatia, Serbia, Romania, Spain, France, Sweden, South Africa and Italy.

Thus, Beijing has managed to create a semi-legal organization, aimed at tracing and prosecute people who fled the country or ordinary emigrants who could prove inconvenient for the regime. The investigation was born following numerous episodes of forced repatriations that took place in France, Spain and Serbia. Of course, China has denied any involvement with these operations and that it does not operate any police units overseas.

How Chinese cameras have been included in public tenders in Italy Models produced by Dahua and configured by an Italian company have been admitted to the price lists of the Consip video surveillance tender, from which public bodies will have to draw for their needs in the coming years. The investigation “We hope that the interested parties will stop exaggerating this issue to create tensions. Using this story as a pretext to smear China is unacceptable,” the Chinese Foreign Ministry told CNN last November. Claiming, as an official version, that the structures are simply administrative centers, created to assist expatriates in renewing their documents or in handling paperwork in foreign countries.

China has also argued that these centers were set up during the Covid-19 pandemic and are being run by volunteers.However, the Safeguard Defenders report suggests instead that they have already existed for several years and the people employed in the police units have been hired by Chinese security agencies.In countries where Beijing has failed to reach agreements with the authorities, governments have opened investigations into the illegal activities of the police units police, which led to the closure of some of these centers in Ireland, the Netherlands and Canada.

To the co Meanwhile, in Italy, the national police forces have conducted several joint operations with the Chinese police residing in our country, in Rome, Milan and Naples. And many other undocumented may have been made between Venice, Prato and Florence, where the report, also at the center of an investigation by Il Foglio and L'Espresso, documents the presence of 11 other Chinese police units.

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