Twenix: the Edtech linguistic platform arrives in Italy

Twenix: the Edtech linguistic platform arrives in Italy


On March 2, the arrival on the Italian market of Twenix was announced, the EdTech language platform that breaks the rules of teaching English for companies and freelancers.

In "one-to-one" sessions of only 26 minutes, carried out with certified teachers of different nationalities, Twenix teaches users to communicate in English through micro-courses, focused on specific business topics, designed by a team of experts from every sector.

Twenix was born in Spain in 2017 and, in just 5 years, has grown to have more than 60 employees who manage over 300 mother tongue teachers from different English-speaking countries, or where English is considered the main language , such as the United Kingdom, the United States, Canada, Australia and even the Netherlands or South Africa.

A structure designed to allow users not only to learn the language directly from the speaker, but also to grasp the nuances of pronunciation and the various "idioms" or colloquial forms that are rarely taught in most common courses.

We want to provide companies and freelancers with the security they need, so that English stops being an obstacle, ultimately, to business development. The goal is to achieve the right peace of mind, and mastery, when you find yourself speaking in English with a customer or within a company. A goal that is not reached with grammar alone but which becomes much more accessible through an intensive conversation that allows you to gain confidence and trust in communication.

Jorge Moreno, CEO and co-founder of Twenix

Thanks to its very interesting business model, Twenix closed an important 2 million euro funding campaign last year to continue to develop and improve its platform, aiming to consolidate its internationalization process. With names such as VC International Brighteye, Inveready, Banco Sabadell and JME Ventures, Twenix has now become an even more important brand in the EdTech sector.

Jorge Moreno underlines the goal of consolidating in Spain and entering strongly into the Italian market, maintaining the high standards of service, which are currently the flagship of the company, and achieving the ambitious result of 800 corporate partnerships by the end of the year.

Currently Twenix is ​​already working with companies based in Italy, such as Idealista, Just Eat, Puma, Louis Vuitton, The Power MBA, Altim, Saint-Gobain and Decathlon, satisfied with this new way of learning to communicate in English around the world.

Finally, the development of the platform with an even more personalized technology will make it possible to offer users topics created by experts in each sector, focused on strengthening and improving their professional communication.

Having a medium-high level of knowledge of the English language, in particular for intermediate or managerial profiles in companies, is common, but when it comes to knowing how to converse and communicate in English on specific topics, related to different businesses, everything is more complicated.

Due to lack of practice, or much more trivially due to a futile embarrassment, we tend to avoid conversations in English or we risk seeing in the English language an obstacle that limits the ability to work and carry on projects: Twenix came to our market to help solve the problem.

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