Tesla's superchargers will be free and available to all Ukrainians

Tesla's superchargers will be free and available to all Ukrainians

The Russian invasion of Ukraine has led to an important portion of the population having to leave their homes and reach the closest states such as Poland and Romania; Unfortunately, thanks to a series of bombings also on airports, many citizens were forced to cover the routes even with their own car.

In an effort to alleviate the situation, Tesla CEO Elon Musk has made a decision that will undoubtedly help electric vehicle owners left without range. According to reports from The Driven, the Californian manufacturer has opened its own Supercharger network in some strategic areas of Hungary, Poland and Slovakia, to allow free recharges to all owners of an electric car. It will therefore not be necessary to have a Tesla, it will be enough to have an electric car available to benefit from Elon Musk's generous gesture.

This is not Musk's first move in this regard, in fact he had already decided to position a series of Starlink satellites over Ukraine and provide all the technology needed to ensure widespread internet coverage throughout the state. Initiatives of this type, for Tesla's number one, are pleasantly more and more common; during the hottest period of the pandemic, Musk had donated a series of fans to help the distressed health services.

The decision to open Supercharers to any car is a strategy Musk has in mind to implement from a different one time and could materialize, on a larger scale, in the course of the summer. In addition to hoping that this conflict can reach a situation of truce in the shortest possible time, we hope that the new support provided by Tesla will concretely help numerous owners of electric cars also considering the current fuel shortage in Ukraine and the increase in the price recorded in the past few hours.

Thank you @elonmusk! CC @SawyerMerritt @alex_avoigt pic.twitter.com/N4ZxOvgZhf

- Łukasz Średnicki (@mrsredni) February 27, 2022

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