Spider-Man: donnami_cos's Spider-Gwen cosplay is a welcome return

Spider-Man: donnami_cos's Spider-Gwen cosplay is a welcome return


The Spider-Man narrative universe is full of interesting characters, including heroes and antagonists. One example is the heroine Spider-Gwen, who uses her powers and ballet-inspired fighting style to defeat enemies. Now, donnami_cos offers us his own Spider-Gwen cosplay.

donnami_cos offers us a simple cosplay, in a domestic and familiar environment, to show us the heroine in a different way than usual. Spider-Gwen, as well as Spider-Man and Miles Morales, is usually represented around town, fighting and defending citizens. In this case, donnami_cos instead offers us a relaxed shot, with a simple but adequate costume.

If you are a fan of the world of Spider-Man, then you shouldn't miss missbricosplay's MJ and Black Cat cosplay. Then here is also the cosplay of Gwen-Venom by clarequinnn. How not to mention the Spider-Gwen cosplay from alice_delish. Finally, we close the list of suggestions with the Spider-Carnage cosplay from candylion.cos.

Tell us, what do you think of the Spider-Gwen cosplay made by donnami_cos? Has the character from the world of Spider-Man been recreated in the best way, or do you think you have seen higher quality versions?

Have you noticed any errors?

Spider-Man spin-off Kraven the Hunter finds another villain

Photo credit: Monica Schipper - Getty Images

Girls star Christopher Abbott is feeling villainous as he joins Kraven the Hunter.

Part of Sony's Spider-Man Universe, this upcoming blockbuster puts Aaron Taylor-Johnson (Tenet) front and centre as Russian big-game hunter Sergei Kravinoff, who's blessed with a masterful tactical mind and the power of a jungle cat.

According to Deadline, Abbott's character will be the movie's main baddie, The Foreigner.

Photo credit: Monica Schipper - Getty Images

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Sergei (commonly referred to as Kraven) certainly has his hands full here, with assassin The Foreigner not only possessing incredible martial arts and disguising skills, he's also famed for placing his opponents under a 10-second state of hypnosis through eye contact.

Meanwhile, a couple of weeks ago it was confirmed that Fred Hechinger (Pam & Tommy) had signed on to play the title character's brother The Chameleon, while Alessandro Nivola also jumped aboard as a mystery antagonist.

Photo credit: David M. Benett/Wireimage

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Sony's Spider-Man Universe will return later this month with the release of Morbius, starring Oscar winner Jared Leto (House of Gucci) as Dr Michael Morbius, the 'living vampire'.

'Tonally it's really character-driven,' teased Martine Bancroft actress Adria Arjona.

'It's both really fun but also really grounded and dark. You follow three characters throughout the story. Not a lot of people know about Morbius, so it's going to be really cool to introduce Morbius as a character, who is so interesting.'

Alongside Leto and Arjona, Jared Harris (Chernobyl), Tyrese Gibson (Fast & Furious), Matt Smith (Doctor Who) and Al Madrigal (The Way Back) fill out the cast.

Just to throw some multiversal confusion into the mix, Michael Keaton's Spider-Man: Homecoming character The Vulture cameos too.

Kraven the Hunter heads to cinemas on January 13, 2023.

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