Sharp UA-KIL80E, purifier and humidifier that lasts for years | Review

Sharp UA-KIL80E, purifier and humidifier that lasts for years | Review

Sharp UA-KIL80E

Breathing clean air has become a dominant necessity in our days; the recent pandemic has made people more aware of air treatment, so the demand for purifiers has significantly increased. In this review, we offer you a Sharp purifier and humidifier, capable of treating the air of very large rooms, between 60 and 70 square meters. It is therefore ideal for both studios and large apartments with large rooms. However, the presence of wheels allows us to easily move it between smaller rooms, with an even higher purification efficiency.

How it's made

The design is not particularly sophisticated: it is the classic white opaque plastic household appliance. It is not the product that hides or blends in with the environment; but the company turns its attention to the substance of the products. Despite this, it is well cared for, the lines are harmonious and communicates the feeling of a well-built product. An upper panel integrates all the touch buttons to activate the various practicalities, while a front display shows the inserted functions with numbers and pictograms.

Two side handles allow you to grasp the purifier and raise it; the weight is low, so if you want to move it from one floor to another, you will have no problems.

How it treats the air

The purifier takes in the room air through the d 'rear air, circulates it inside the unit through the pre-filter, then a deodorizing filter and then a HEPA filter, release it into the environment from the front. The air flow passes from both the upper and the front sections, more precisely from under the instrument panel. The latter can be tilted to direct the front air flow downwards. This may not be particularly pleasant in the cold months, since, although there is no air cooling system, the speed with which it is pushed is sufficient to generate a "cold" flow of air. Just place it in a room at a safe distance from where you are or in a different direction.

The instrument panel

From left to right we find the button for auto-off: up to 12 hours with one hour intervals. The button to show information on the detected PM 2.5, room temperature, humidity and instantaneous consumption in watts. Just above there is the child safety lock button, the reset button of the powder basket sensor, to be used when performing maintenance and, just below, the button that allows you to activate the ion rain while, if held down for three seconds, it resets the statistical counter of the filters.

As indicated above, the filters must be constantly maintained, and the appliance gives you indications on when to do it taking into account the hours of operation. When you do maintenance you must therefore remember to reset the counters. Everything is well detailed in the instruction manual in Italian.

Next we find the key for activating the humidifier, moreover, there is the key for turning on the fan that allows you to change the power and switch on a silent night mode. The "ion shower cleaning" button and the "auto" button, which you will probably use more often as the purifier will detect the environmental conditions and manage the various functions autonomously. Finally there is the on and off button.

The display shows odor detection, suggesting a greater air recirculation, if it detects a higher than normal quantity of dust, the microscopy dust indicator (PM 2.5), the activation or not of the humidifier and the possible lack of water in the tank and information on energy consumption, humidity and PM 2.5, as indicated above.

The functions

The automatic mode deals with managing only the air purification part, which is strictly linked to the recirculation speed of the same. Based on the data detected by the sensors on PM 2.5, common dust, temperature and humidity, the fan will rotate at different speeds to purify the more or less polluted air.

The Plasmacluster mode, a patented technology that releases high-density ions with the same processes that occur in nature, allows you to sanitize and free the room from odors. You can use the “spot” mode, the one activated by the arrow-shaped button, to send a stream of ions with high power (fan spinning fast) to a specific point, such as curtains, sofas or clothes.
The possibility of activating a "pollen" mode is interesting, which increases the sensitivity of the sensor to check the amount of dust / pollen in the air, to consequently increase the purification power. A function that is certainly well accepted by all those who suffer from seasonal allergies.

The humidifier function takes care of detecting the percentage of water in the air to bring it back to optimal values, also considering the room temperature.


As in other similar cases, we cannot verify the effectiveness of air filtration, but within these reviews we focus mainly on the functions offered and the ergonomics of use ; sure that the various products on the market, considering that they adopt similar filters, are able to do a good overall job.

This Sharp model has, among the main advantages, the ease of maintenance and the duration of several years of all components. If maintenance is done correctly, you won't have to worry about filter life and associated maintenance costs. The ergonomic part is a little less successful, since apart from the "auto" key, the other indicators need more readings to take advantage of the various functions.

The part of integrated humidifier, which can radically change the feeling of well-being and the way we breathe the air in a room.

It is recommended for all those looking for a product that can last many years with only routine maintenance , and which have large rooms to "clean up". Less recommended, however, for those looking for a discreet product to be placed in smaller rooms, and who prefer to buy a new filter every now and then rather than spend time for maintenance.

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