realme GT 2 Pro, the “paper” shell that everyone should copy

realme GT 2 Pro, the “paper” shell that everyone should copy

realme GT 2 Pro

As the opening event of the MWC in Barcelona, ​​to which we participated with great pleasure again this year, realme announced its first real top of the range for the international market: realme GT 2 Pro.

Equipped with specifications impressive techniques, such as a 120Hz LTPO2 AMOLED screen, a 65W fast charging system and the Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 processor, realme GT 2 Pro also impresses with its body, never seen before on a smartphone.

The first smartphone made of "paper" has conquered anyone who has been able to try it with their hand. In fact, realme has found a resistant, pleasant solution that even helps the environment! Here's how.

No more shiny glass smartphones! They get dirty all the time, they are fragile and delicate, they get scratched and must always be protected with a cover. It is possible to give a unique and refined appearance to a smartphone without necessarily making it a delicate crystal ornament and realme is not the first time it has shown it to us.

For example, realme GT has an eco-leather shell yellow that recalls the colors and finishes of racing cars. The realme GT Master Edition features a soft gray eco-leather shell molded to resemble a travel luggage. The brand new realme GT 2 Pro, on the other hand, was designed with the environment in mind and has a shell made of biopolymers.

The realme GT 2 Pro's Paper White and Paper Green colors share this finish. The back panel has a texture reminiscent of denim fabric, but the material it is made of is anything but soft and delicate.

The knurling helps a lot the grip and, even in the white color of the smartphone, it is impossible to notice dirt or fingerprints accumulating over time. Every day it is as if realme GT 2 Pro had just been removed from its sales package, a product to be fully enjoyed without a cover, which is appreciated in a world of smartphones that are all the same and always dirty.

In the part At the top of the body stands a small “plate”, raised by a fraction of a millimeter with respect to the above texture, inside which a shimmering realme logo and the signature of the designer who helped the company to design this product are inserted. We are talking about Naoto Fukusawa, a Japanese designer who has been collaborating with the brand for some time.

This part of the back of realme GT 2 Pro is "smooth" when compared to the rest of the material that covers the internal components of the device . It is here, however, that we can appreciate the polymer that the smartphone is made of. Passing the fingertip in this area, you receive the same feedback that a classic sheet of paper returns, an unmistakable and immediately recognizable sensation by anyone.

The material allows realme GT 2 Pro not only to be more pleasant to the touch, less prone to getting dirty and showing the signs of aging, but also lighter than many competitors. By the way, this feature is what makes the realme GT 2 Pro unmistakable and brings to mind the question “why hasn't anyone ever thought of it before? ".

It is a solution that solves many of the problems that we often complain about when talking about modern smartphones, such as the lack of originality, the slipperiness of glass and its fragility.

With the production process necessary to build the realme GT 2 Pro body, realme also produces 35.5% fewer fossil emissions than the average, one of the company's many steps towards a more sustainable future for technology.

For every kg of biopolymer produced, compared to purely petroleum-based materials, realme creates up to 2 kg less carbon emissions. Thanks to the choice of a socially responsible production process by realme and its suppliers, the company has received the TCO 9.0 sustainability certification.

The company has in fact committed to reducing by 50% in five years of carbon emissions from the entire life cycle of its GT series smartphones, through a process that goes from the selection of materials to design, production, packaging, use and finally recycling. To give an example, the realme GT 2 Pro package contains only 0.3% plastic, compared to 21.7% of the previous models.

It doesn't end here: realme has partnered with Treedom for planting new trees. For each realme GT 2 Pro purchased from the brand's official website, realme will support users by allowing them to plant and grow a tree in their own name.

By doing so, the amount of CO2 released will be compensated in less than 24 months producing the smartphone and from then on it will all be profitable! Together with its users, realme is able to achieve carbon negative purchasing, which is one more step than carbon neutral purchasing.

“In addition to providing premium products and services to users, we have also sought to take on social responsibility, ”commented Madhav Sheth, realme VP and president of realme International Business Group. "Even though our company was born only three years ago, we are constantly moving to become an eco-friendly and sustainable technology player, aiming to have a positive impact on the environment by reducing carbon emissions and making sustainability more accessible. to our customers. We have explored various methods for pursuing cleaner and more sustainable operations. ”

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