PlayStation Now, March 2022

PlayStation Now, March 2022

PlayStation Now

March 2022 is an important month for PlayStation Now, as Sony's streaming platform sees the arrival of the first game available in the catalog from day one, along the lines of Xbox Game Pass: let's talk about Shadow Warrior 3, the third chapter of the shooter series. by Flying Wild Hog.

That's not all, however: also Crysis Remastered, remastered edition of Crytek's FPS, the interesting puzzle game Relicta and the adventure Chicken Police - Paint It Red! , which tells the story of a couple of detectives determined to make a name for themselves in the city.

Shadow Warrior 3

Shadow Warrior 3, Lo Wang sets out on his next mission Lo Wang is back : after the daring conclusion of the second chapter, the skilled modern ninja fond of superheroes (and with more than one trait in common with Deadpool) finds himself unable to face the huge flying dragon that he himself has awakened. However, there is a way to eliminate the monster, as his former employer, Orochi Zilla explains to him: the secret lies in Hoji's mask and his mystical energy.

The enthusiasm has recovered, in Shadow Warrior 3 we will therefore find ourselves facing a single player campaign that renounces the depth and experiments of the previous adventure in favor of a very linear but at the same time frenetic and spectacular approach, in which often and willingly the enemies (all new) multiply to give life to large-scale battles in which those who stop are lost.

We will be able to overcome these tests using our sword, Dragontail, in combination with Chi and an arsenal of upgradeable weapons, very different from each other: from pistols to machine guns , from the shotgun to the cannon, from the grenade launcher to the blade launcher. Tools with often short magazines, which will force us to constantly switch between guns.

The system works and the run & gun gameplay is fun, but the levels slip away without sharp details and the experience, in general, fails to express great personality, recycling mechanics and situations that have already been widely seen: we have talked about this and more in Shadow Warrior 3 review.

Crysis Remastered

Crysis Remastered and its tropical setting Remastered edition of the iconic shooter originally released in 2007, Crysis Remastered gets better the technical sector of the game by increasing the resolution, replacing some assets and enhancing the effects, also through the introduction of ray tracing reflections. The end result is a substantially enhanced visual impact, which gives new splendor to the Crytek title.

In terms of content, of course, the situation does not change: under the command of a special soldier equipped with a sophisticated nanosuit, we will have to explore an island controlled by North Korean troops, a scenario that actually hides a terrible secret. By taking up all kinds of weapons and facing enemies openly, we will have the task of finding out what it is. The review of Crysis Remastered.


Relicta, one of the scenarios of the game Set on the Moon, in the meanders of the Chandra Base, Relicta tells the story of a scientist who finds herself having to reveal the secrets of this remote place, solving physics-based puzzles thanks to the ability to manipulate the gravity and magnetism of the elements. The reward goes beyond mere knowledge: our daughter's life is at stake.

Immersed in sci-fi atmospheres full of charm and tension, accompanied by an evocative soundtrack, we will have to explore long-abandoned settlements and understand the nature of their experiments, with the possibility of discovering new clues and hidden stories at every step: the choice is up to us whether to stop and listen to them or proceed with our heads down in search of a glimmer.

Chicken Police - Paint It Red!

Chicken Police - Paint It Red !, a dialogue with a character Without doubt the lesser known name in the titles of the March 2022 update, Chicken Police - Paint It Red! is an adventure set in a world populated by anthropomorphic animals. The two protagonists of the story, Sonny Feather and Marty MacChicken, were the best detectives in town but time hasn't been kind to them, and after ten years they find themselves teaming up again to tackle a particularly difficult case.

With over thirty scenarios to visit and over thirty characters to interact with, as part of an experience that stylistically harks back to the classics of the noir genre, Chicken Police - Paint It Red! boasts eight hours of dialogue and a structure based on the collection of evidence and clues, which we will need to obtain the necessary to close the story.

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