OSOM OV1, previewed the cable with the switch and part of the front design

OSOM OV1, previewed the cable with the switch and part of the front design


OSOM OV1 is one of the most talked about (and anticipated) smartphones of this period. Introduced as the heir to Essential Phone, OSOM OV1 takes the ideals of its predecessor and translates them into somehow revolutionary hardware.

The distinguishing feature of OSOM OV1 is its particular attention to privacy, which OSOM demonstrates by including a virtually unique charging cable in the package. This cable is equipped with a kill switch for data transfer which provides the user with the absolute certainty that his personal files will always remain inside the smartphone, even when recharging to "foreign" current sources.

Now, instead, we want to take a look to the front of the device, partially visible in this photo published on the company's official LinkedIn page.

What stands out, however, is the lower portion of the OV1, characterized by a much thicker frame than we expected.

Obviously this is a mid-range device , as also suggested by other aesthetic “details” that identify it unequivocally (think for example of the camera, equipped with only two lenses); however, a little more was expected from a design point of view.

Proton Mail, Brave (a browser) and Signal (the popular messaging app) app icons appear on the screen. All three are software that put security first, and that we will probably find pre-installed on this OSOM OV1.

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OSOM's new render of the 5G OV1 corrects the unrealistic small bezel on the first image

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We've been telling you about the OSOM OV1, the new Android phone that is being developed by the team that was behind the Essential Phone. The new handset focuses on privacy and will ship with a special 'Secure Data Cable' that will prevent data from being collected via your phone when it is plugged into a public charging port. OSOM plans on making the cable available as a separate accessory even before the phone is released during the fourth quarter.

OSOM's original OV1 render was too generous when it came to the bottom bezel

A new image released by OSOM (which is pronounced 'awesome') includes a new render showing the front bottom of the phone's display. The original render featured stunningly thin side and bottom bezels, but this was replaced by the revised render that showed the bottom bezels on the phone to be thicker than what was shared by the company with the first render.

At left, the first OV1 render showed a very thin bottom bezel but a new render shows the truth

You will notice that some of the icons shown on the phone are apps that are focused on privacy and could be pre-installed on the OV1 (which stands for OSOM Vault 1) or were used on the render to emphasize the phone's privacy angle. For example, we can see the icon for the Brave Browser; the latter is an open-source and privacy-focused browser. Other apps seen on the render include Proton Mail, an email app that says its puts privacy first, and messaging app Signal.

What we know at this moment about the OSOM OV1 is that it will be powered by the Snapdragon 8 Gen 1, or possibly the Snapdragon 8 Gen 1+. The phone will use two physical SIM slots but will not feature eSIM capabilities. And the handset will support UWB which is used by Apple, Google, and Samsung to provide pinpoint directions to find certain lost items.

One of the features that the OSOM OV1 is taking from the Essential Phone is fast Android updates. OSOM co-founder Jason Keats remembered how angry Google used to get with the speed at which the Essential Phone offered Android updates to users. ccording to Keats, 'Literally, we would get yelled at by Google for being too fast… they would then say, 'We will not allow you to push your update until the Pixel team is ready.'

It seems like Keats is getting ready to be yelled at some more by Google by pushing out quick updates to the OV1. Additionally, OSOM is expected to promise Android support for longer than the average phone.

The OSOM OS1 will not be available from carriers

The handset will sport a triangular dual-camera module on the back panel along with a capacitive fingerprint scanner. The rear camera sensors will weigh in at 48MP and 12MP with a 16MP front-facing camera sensor for the selfie camera. Keats says that the company won't have to sell one million units in order to be a financial success. But that doesn't mean that OSOM isn't loading up the device with flagship-type specs including a battery that runs all day and 5G support.

The screen will be protected by Gorilla Glass Victus and the phone will feature a stainless steel body with some titanium accents. The back will be ceramic and the first two color options are matte black and white. A third color option is expected to be available as well.

The OSOM OV1 will be released with Android 12 pre-installed, but this will be a near-stock version of the operating system similar to how Android was presented on the Essential Phone. But don't be misled; the OSOM OV1 is not a sequel to the PH-1. It also will not be sold by carriers which means that the company will either be forced to spend money to promote it or depend on word of mouth.

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