It's Apple's month at Euronics! iPhone, Mac and more at unmissable prices until March 30th!

It's Apple's month at Euronics! iPhone, Mac and more at unmissable prices until March 30th!

It's Apple's month at Euronics! iPhone

Are you interested in joining the Apple ecosystem but the prices scare you? No fear! Euronics has decided to inaugurate the month of all devices produced by the big apple, with many discounts involving smartphones, notebooks and tablets. The promotion will last until next March 30th, but some items are subject to stock depletion, which is why we advise you to hurry up so as not to miss this great opportunity!

Read also: The best smartphones over 800 euros As we have specified , the promotion includes many devices but, among the many offers currently in place, we strongly advise you to consider the purchase of the iPhone 13, in particular the model with 128 GB of storage memory. Originally sold for € 939.00, it is now available for "only" € 829.00, thanks to a 12% discount!

We are talking about an excellent device, which does not need a lot of presentation, given which represents one of the best currently in circulation, both in terms of hardware and software specifications. It comes with a bright display, which manages to reproduce bright colors, clear and above all very similar to reality.

Even from the point of view of the multimedia sector this device is a real top of the range, in fact it comes with two sensors rear that, through an artificial intelligence, are able to take sensational photographs, therefore meet the needs of the most difficult shots. There is also a front camera with excellent performance, useful for those who want to take single or group selfies-

A product, therefore, not to be missed, considering its hardware and software characteristics. Naturally, the promotion includes many products, which is why we invite you to consult the appropriate page of the portal, at the following address, so that you can view all the Euronics offers.

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