How to save on full fuel with apps

How to save on full fuel with apps

The historical period regarding the price of fuel is among the worst ever; regardless of what type of fuel your car uses, in recent months we have all felt the increase when we went to the petrol station to fill up. It is precisely in times like these that it becomes important to pay close attention to your refueling and the amount of fuel consumed, and to do it more comfortably once again technology comes to the rescue: on this page you will find a selection of applications, almost all available. both on Android and on iOS, dedicated to car management with particular attention to saving on fuel consumption, both to the purchase - thus helping us to choose the distributor that practices the lowest price - and while driving, helping us to maintain a more conservative driving style so as to burn less fuel.

Petrol price comparator

This application works in a similar way to Petrol Prices, and allows us to evaluate “At a distance” the price charged by distributors in the area to evaluate the cheapest, choosing between petrol, diesel, LPG and methane. Among the particular functions of Petrol price comparator there is certainly the possibility of saving journeys that are made more frequently, such as the home-work section, so as to be able to quickly evaluate which is the cheapest distributor on a given day.

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BlueDriver OBD2 Scan Tool

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Methane and LPG distributors and columns by Ecomotori

This application was developed specifically for those who drive cars fueled by methane or LPG, and provides a complete database of distributors, complete with address, timetables, price charged and number of telephone. In total, the application has more than 10,000 registers of distributors, 2,600 methane distributors and more than 8,000 LPG distributors scattered throughout various European countries. The application integrates automatically with our navigator so that you can set the route for the distributor without inconvenient copy-paste or other expedients, and if you find a price charged other than that indicated in the application, you can make a convenient report to the staff, which will then modify the data reported.

The application is available on Android and iOS, in this case with the simpler name of

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Drivvo is a very intuitive and easy to use application, and is available for free on Android and iOS systems. The main task of Drivvo is to keep all expenses relating to the car - such as road tax, insurance, ordinary and extraordinary maintenance - and not just those relating to fuel.

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Fuelio is an excellent free application available on Android systems dedicated to managing fuel costs: the application allows us to enter the make and model of our car, and will ask us to manually enter the data on the price of the fuel and the quantity of liters refilled to carry out the calculations on consumption.

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Petrol Prices

Petrol Prices is probably the most popular application among them, and is available for free on Android and iOS. In this case, the main function is not a calculation of fuel consumption or an analysis of driving style, but a simple mirror that shows us all the service areas in the vicinity with the relative price of the various fuels offered, thus allowing us to choose the cheaper without having to visit them all to evaluate their prices.

The application is equipped with a map that allows you to navigate to the chosen petrol station and offers a series of filters by type of fuel - petrol, diesel, LPG or methane, mainly - so as to clean up the price map of fuels that don't interest us. It is a precious weapon for all those who burn fossil fuels in their cars, but even more so for those traveling on LPG or methane, fuels that can become difficult to find, especially in large cities. Petrol prices then declined into various applications dedicated to the price of methane, the price of LPG and also developed an application dedicated to the so-called white pumps, petrol pumps that do not belong to a big brand.

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Simply Auto

Simply Auto is one of the most downloaded applications in this area, and is available on both iPhone and Android devices. This application, similar to Drivvo, acts as a digital notebook and allows us, in a very quick and intuitive way, to write down all the expenses related to our car, from the fuel purchased to ordinary and extraordinary maintenance. Once the required data has been entered, the application will be able to create graphs and calculate statistics to optimize consumption and costs; it takes a moment to familiarize yourself with the graphical interface, but once you have overcome the first obstacle, Simply Auto becomes a valuable tool for all drivers.

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Via Michelin

Via Michelin has also become an application, after having guided us for years thanks to its maps; today the application is even richer in functions dedicated to the organization of a trip in all its aspects, including that of refueling. Via Michelin will guide us along the shortest and fastest route, avoiding heavy traffic if possible and allowing us to calculate very useful consumption and expenses: by entering the model of our car it will be easy to calculate when and where to refuel, and at that point the application will be able to guide us to the most convenient and economical distributor. Furthermore, thanks to its experience in the field, the application can also provide us with useful information about restaurants and refreshment places, so as to make the journey even more enjoyable.

The application Via Michelin is available for free on Android and iOS.

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Waze, the famous navigation application available on Android and iOS, is also equipped a convenient search function for petrol stations with relative prices. To search, simply touch the search bar at the top of the screen which gives access to the section dedicated to service areas. It is possible to view the distributors directly on the map or consult a list that provides various useful information such as the price charged, the distance from where you are and the time of the last price update.

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