Household hair clippers | The best of March 2022

Household hair clippers | The best of March 2022

The health emergency caused by the spread of the coronavirus has imposed many restrictions. The quarantine, in fact, forces students and workers to remain locked up inside their homes. However, as the days go by, the hair continues to grow inexorably, imposing an additional purely aesthetic problem. As a result, more and more people decide to become a hairdresser - for themselves or for their family. We have therefore decided to meet your needs, and we present you an article with the best hair clippers in circulation.

We have compiled a list of eight products, belonging to the best brands in this sector, which can best suit to your needs. As a seller we have chosen Amazon Italia for two simple reasons: the good reliability in shipments and the simple online availability of the devices. Before moving on to the list, it should be noted that all the products in the article have been tested by our team of editors.

N.B. : the maintenance of a hair clipper is a very important aspect to maintain high performance. We recommend that you purchase a blade lubricant made by Moser. Our advice is to use it periodically.

Editor's Note: The above article has been updated as of March 12, 2021 with a new flagship product!

Hair clipper for home use

Philips HC3518 / 15 series 3000 King C. Gillette Braun All-In-One MGK3221 Moser 1400-0458 Philips HC5100 Pro Remington Heritage Panasonic ER-1512 Moser ChromStyle Pro Panasonic ER-DGP-72

Philips HC3518 / 15 3000 series

As the first product of this particular buying guide, we recommend that you take a look at the Philips HC3518 / 15 3000 series hair clipper. It is an absolutely inexpensive product, but it boasts several unique technologies that are clearly not included in other items in the same price range. Among these, we mention the DualCut technology, which guarantees a double cutting speed thanks to the self-sharpening blade system ensures. And, with Trim-n-Flow technology, this hair clipper has a comb designed to avoid clogging, allowing those interested to cut their hair quickly and easily.

King C. Gillette

Gilette and Braun have joined forces to develop a beard / hair clipper with great potential, therefore designed to help all men achieve the look favorite! Inside the package there are three length adjustment combs (very short beard 1 mm, short beard 3-11 mm and 13-21 mm long), a cleaning brush and a charger. In addition, the sharp blades ensure durability for well-made adjustment results, while the battery provides 50 minutes of battery life per charge.

Braun All-In-One MGK3221

For those interested in a product capable of meeting multiple needs, we highly recommend the Braun All-In-One MGK3221. It is a machine that allows not only to cut hair, but also to finish the beard and facial hair (such as those of the nose and ears). Thanks to the four combs and trimmers available, this hair clipper offers 13 cutting lengths (from 0.5 to 21 millimeters) to easily achieve the desired look. The Braun MGK3221 has a lithium-ion battery that guarantee a duration of 50 minutes. The estimated charging time is ten hours via an intelligent power supply. The recommended retail price of this product is 39.99 euros.

Moser 1400-0458

When we speak from Moser we know that it is almost always a very good product. The 1400-0458 hair clipper, in fact, features a series of cutting-edge technologies that allow a cut that is always uniform and fast at the same time, thanks also to the self-sharpening system of the precision ground blades and its long-lasting motor. Also, those interested in such a machine should know that this machine has a Multi-Click cutting length adjustment with 5 lockable positions (0.7 - 3 mm). Its selling price? About 50 euros!

Philips HC5100 Pro

Effective and quiet. These are the characteristics of the Philips HC5100 Pro hair clipper. It is a product that will satisfy all consumers thanks to a linear motor with copper wire coil that moves Tip2Tip blades (designed to ensure low skin irritation) with precise adjustments from 0.5 to 3 mm. It also boasts seven fixed length combs (3, 6, 9, 12, 16, 19 and 25mm). Inside the package, in addition to the hair clipper and combs, there are: lubricating oil, cleaning brush, scissors, comb and blade protection cap. Its price is really competitive, in fact you can buy the whole kit for only 30 euros!

Remington Heritage

Another product worthy of belonging to the category of the best hair clippers is the Remington Heritage! With a system of removable and washable blades, this hair clipper guarantees professional performance (about 300 millimeters per second) for always precise and clean cuts, thanks to an autonomy of 60 minutes with a 4-hour charge. Inside the package there are also 11 combs for different lengths, ranging from 1.5 millimeters to 25 millimeters. Its selling price is around 70 euros.

Panasonic ER-1512

We definitely move to the high end of the market, where there are machines dedicated to real professionals in the sector. One of the recommended products is certainly the Panasonic ER-1512, a hair clipper with a carbon and titanium blade adjustable for different cutting lengths. The blade technology allows this product to reduce residual short hair by about 40% and allows you to adjust the length of the hair (without comb) from 0.8 to 2 mm with 5 wastes of 0.3 mm. Being a premium end product, the Panasonic ER-1512 is accompanied by 6 accessories to obtain different cutting lengths. The battery also guarantees an operating autonomy of 70 minutes. As for the price, the ER-1512 is available for 120 euros.

Moser ChromStyle Pro

As penultimate product of this guide we present the Moser ChromStyle Pro. It is a professional hair clipper featuring stainless steel blades with a quick release system and integrated cutting length adjustment (0.7 to 3mm). Through a motor controlled by a processor, this product is able to cut with a constant force, regardless of the charge level of the battery. The ChromeStyle Pro enjoys the fast charging function. As regards autonomy, the machine in question guarantees 90 minutes of operation. Inside the package there are 4 combs (3, 6, 9 and 12 mm), a charging base, a cleaning brush and a vial of lubricant.

Panasonic ER-DGP-72

Generic photos We definitively close this guide, before the complete wiki with all the specifications to consider about these products, one of the most appreciated articles by professionals: the Panasonic hair clipper ER-DGP-72. We are talking about a machine characterized by stainless steel blades, which makes it perfect for any type of cut, from short to long hair. In particular, the blades have a DLC (Diamond-Like Carbon) 2.0 coating for prolonged sharpening, while it is possible to choose up to six cutting lengths with three comb accessories (3/4 mm, 6/9 mm, 12 / 15 mm). Inside we find, instead, an ultra-fast linear motor, capable of generating up to 10,000 steps per minute. In short, a product to definitely take into consideration for those who wish to shorten their hair at home.

How to choose the best hair clipper for home use

In order to choose the best hair clipper for home use it is necessary, first of all, to know your habits and then consider the following characteristics:

Wiring Power Blades Secondary functions


There are different types of hair clippers on the market, from those featuring a wiring for electricity to those with an internal battery. The choice is rather it may seem pretty simple, but that's not the case at all. As specified, you have to take into account your needs, on the one hand we have the possibility to buy a hair clipper without a cable at a higher price or an economic product with a cable?


Loosen the knot of the wiring, it is now only right to talk to you about the power, expressed in revolutions per minute. We are talking about a fact that is sometimes not expressly indicated on the packaging, nevertheless it represents an excellent indicator to understand the quality of a machine. There are three power ranges:

Low power. On average machines with rpm lower than 4000. Average power. On average machines with rpm between 4,000 and 5,000. High power. On average machines with rpm higher than 5,000.


In addition to the material of the blades, one of the factors to consider is the width of the cut, which usually ranges from 40 to 45 mm. It is important to know how to choose because a good width allows you to get more possibilities, and consequently more and more extravagant cuts. Then, we must also consider the material, that is:

Ceramics. It is a material that allows for a delicate and decisive cut, however the resistance of the blades is lower than other types of blades, which is why they require routine maintenance and care. Titanium. A light, solid and resistant material. Titanium blades have these three characteristics for a precise cut. Stainless steel. It represents the most used material ever, and mostly available in the medium-low range of the market. The blades offer well-made cuts.

Secondary functions

Even the hair clippers have secondary functions, such as the digital display that can provide some of the most important information on the status of the machine or the Wet & Dry solution that ensures a good seal even underwater. Clearly, all these functions have a cost, which is why you have to spend a lot of money to take home a complete product, from all points of view.

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