Has System Shock 3 been canceled? Warren Spector seems to suggest it

Has System Shock 3 been canceled? Warren Spector seems to suggest it

System Shock 3 may have been permanently canceled and this seems to have been suggested by Warren Spector himself during a recent interview, in which the game designer has not reported anything clearly but seems to consider the project now closed.

Interviewed by GamesBeat, the author of Deus Ex and producer of the original System Shock seems to have suggested that System Shock 3, announced years ago by his team OtherSide Entertainment, has finally been canceled.

System Shock 3, a concept art On the other hand, for two years now there has been no news of the game in question and, even after several layoffs occurred to the team, the idea that the project does not You are sailing in good water now seems well established.

"We made an announcement last year, there's not much more to say at this point," Spector said. "Tencent will carry on the franchise, it will be up to them to say what they mean, there are not many clarifications I can do at the moment".

The rights to System Shock 3 have in fact passed to Tencent a couple of years. years ago and with these also the management of the official site through which updates on the development of the game had to be provided. "As a small indie team, it was problematic for us to be able to carry out the project on our own, we believe that Tencent's deep skills and their experience as a video game production company can take the franchise to new levels," the statement read. OtherSide officer at the time of the handover.

Spector then further explained what his team did on the project: "We worked on it in 2018 and 2019, that's all", then explaining what happened next and why both the developer and the team joined blocked. "There was a certain period where we had to catch up, I'm not sure how to put it. It's a personal matter, game development isn't just a job, it takes time to get creative flow back again. Then there's was Covid and the world went crazy, "he explained. In the meantime, it recently announced a new game based on a new intellectual property.

As for System Shock 3, so far the idea that the project had been taken over by Tencent and carried forward had not faded in the development on the basis of what was initially created by OtherSide, but the hopes are becoming weaker considering the time passed since the last updates. Spector's vague but rather sad words seem to suggest that the project has finally been permanently canceled, but we await any confirmation on this.

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