Elden Ring | Rya's Mission Guide (How to Get the Best Ending)

Elden Ring | Rya's Mission Guide (How to Get the Best Ending)

The quest related to the character of Rya is one of the most interesting, long and fascinating in all of Elden Ring. It is linked to a completely optional dungeon, but which if you don't face it you could miss one of the most beautiful contents of the game. Continuing in his mission, however, is not easy and you will need to reach numerous locations and discover the secrets that lie beneath Villa Vulcano. So if you want to know where to find Rya and how to complete her mission, also making the right choices to get the best ending in this guide we will reveal everything.

For the complete guide of Elden Ring look here, while if you want to know how to proceed in the missions of the other NPCs you can take a look at this guide.

IMPORTANT: By nature this guide contains SPOILERS about this mission. The guide is also divided into steps that must necessarily be performed in that order to proceed in the quest. If Rya is not where she needs to be or you are unable to proceed in one of the various steps indicated, remember to complete some of Lady Tanith's killing requests at the same time.

Step 1: Where to find Rya and her necklace

Rya is located in the south of Liurnia, next to a statue next to the telescope symbol on the map (photo below). Talk to her until the dialogue runs out and accept her request. Now you have to go a little further north, again where she is shown in the photo, to reach the Shrimp Hut.

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All the photos of the complete guide of Elden Ring You will find the bandit described by Rya. He will ask you for 1000 runes to return the stolen necklace to the girl. At this point you can act in two ways:

Kill him - NOT RECOMMENDED - As it precludes one of the possible endings of the game and you will not be able to access its unique Boiled Shrimp shop which increases defense for a certain period. In exchange, however, you will get his armor, which is gladly made unless given the not-so-optimal statistics. Paying the 1000 runes requested - RECOMMENDED CHOICE - In this way you will get the necklace and you can also buy the shrimp boiled by the man. Furthermore, you can also proceed in the quest for the shrimp man. Whatever your choice, go back to Rya and give her the item "Rya's Necklace". He will thank you by handing you the invitation to Villa Vulcano.

Step 2: Meet Rya on the Altus Plateau

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All the photos of the complete guide of Elden Ring You will find Rya leaning on a wall on the left, inside of. Talk to her until she offers to take you to Villa Vulcano on Mount Gelmir (accept her hand). You will then arrive inside Villa Vulcano (we have created a special guide to this immense location) where you will meet Lady Tanith and meet other NPCs.

Step 3: The secret wall of Villa Vulcano

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All the photos of the complete guide by Elden Ring Enter the room opposite the only one left closed , you will hear a hiss coming from the wall. Roll against the wall, the one in the corner in front of the corpse from which you take the Perfume Bottle in the photo, to reveal a passage and make the false wall disappear. You will find yourself in a crypt with several rooms. Continue straight avoiding the enemies until you reach the prison city below the villa (you will notice it because you will come out into the open). Stop here, for now it is useless to proceed further into the dungeon.

Step 4: Meet Zorayas

Go back to Villa Vulcano, rest and enter the room next to the one with the fake wall. You will see Zorayas (a snake being) talk to us to find out some truths about the villa. Once the dialogues are over, go and talk to Lady Tanith and then again to Zorayas.

All the photos of the complete guide of Elden Ring After some time, go back to talk to Rya (in Zorayas's room ) and choose to talk to her about the "dark side of Villa Vulcano" that you discovered under the villa. Cut out any dialogue and then go talk to Lady Tanith about Rya's concerns. Finally, return to Rya for a new last dialogue.

Step 5: Descend into the depths of Villa Vulcano

All the photos of the complete guide of Elden Ring Now you will have to go down in the depths of the prison city under Villa Vulcano to continue the mission, we advise you to have a good level (60 and above). Go through the secret wall of Villa Vulcano and go outside (there is a place of grace just before exiting), go right and go down until you reach a circular square flooded with blood with two horrible winged statues. Go to the church in front of you. The door will be closed but you have to look out from the balcony on the left and jump on the roofs to re-enter the building.

Continue to a room with another place of grace at the end of a staircase. Open the door, go outside again and make your way through the solidified lava, careful not to end up in flames. Reach the stairs on the right up to get to an area full of hanging cages. The one open on the right is an elevator. Enter it to reach the Temple of Eiglay. A boss will be waiting for you in this area who, once eliminated, will reward you with a good sword. Finally, collect the Serpent's Amnios which is the key object to keep Rya's quest going. Give the key object to Rya and then rest or return to the area (N.B. Do this before meeting the BOSS Rykard or Rya will disappear from the Villa). Then talk to Tanith to get the Flask of Forgetfulness.

Step 6: Finding Rya's secret room

If you have followed all the steps in this guide correctly, Rya will have disappeared from Villa Vulcano and will have reached a new position in the town below the villa. Then go to the Temple of Eiglay and pass the door in the corner. Enter the building a little further on and take the elevator to go up. ATTENTION: you will have to jump down on the way up! While the elevator goes up you will in fact see an open door, roll in it to continue otherwise the elevator will take you to the top.

Exit the window and continue on the dry lava to enter the next one. Finally you will find Rya who will ask you to kill her, but read the next chapter to find out more.

All the endings of Rya's mission

For Rya's mission there are 3 different endings, which all give the same reward (or almost) but to unlock the best one you'll have to work a little harder, let's see them.


Kill Rya and collect the Amulet of Daedicar from his corpse (improves several stats). Tell Lady Tanith about her death and she will thank you for your frankness without adding anything else or any other consequence.


Choose to give her the Tonic of Lady Tanith and then talk to Tanith about what happened. Continue with the requests for Villa Vulcano and eliminate the BOSS Rykard. Then go back to Villa Vulcano and talk to Rya in the living room. She will not remember anything and will be amazed that there is no one left in the villa. Rest and let some time pass, go back to the place where you first met Rya and collect Daedicar's Amulet.

BEST END: Don't give the tonic to Rya

Choose not to give the potion to the young woman. Continue with Lady Tanith's requests, eliminate the BOSS Rykard and then return to talk to Rya in the new location under Villa Vulcano in Step 6. She will ask you again to kill her. If you do, you will always get the worst ending. If you don't, Rya will thank you for her kindness. Return to the area after spending some time to find Daedicar's Amulet and a letter from Rya. The girl says that she has embarked on a journey to distant lands to carry on her mother's work and be a proud daughter of Tanith. Maybe one day we may meet Rya in a future DLC.

We remind you that there are many secondary characters with missions to complete, find all about it in this guide.

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