Guide to the protagonists of Fantastic Beasts

Guide to the protagonists of Fantastic Beasts

A few months after the release of the third film in the Fantastic Beasts saga, fans are wondering what will happen in this chapter and how the protagonists we have come to know and love will evolve. We already knew some characters like Albus Dumbledore and partly Gellert Grindelwald, but who are these new protagonists and how do they fit into the saga?

We know that Newt is now determined to help Dumbledore defeat Grindelwald; Credence has discovered (or believes) that he is the fourth Dumbledore brother; Queenie desperate for love, has joined Grindelwald's followers hoping for a brighter future for her and Jacob; the latter, terrified by the ideals of the dark magician, wants to get back the woman he loves.

But beyond this, what do we know about the protagonists of this saga?

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A Guide to Fantastic Beasts

Newt Scamander Jacob Kowalski Credence Barebone Tina Goldstein Queenie Goldstein

Newt Scamander

Newton "Newt" Artemis Fido Scamander, known to all as Newt, is a Magizoologist and author of the famous book "Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them". Newt attended Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry in the Hufflepuff house. Unfortunately he was expelled for an accident involving magical creatures and never completed his magical education himself. Albus Dumbledore fought by claiming the innocence of the young man (in fact Newt took the blame in the place of his friend Leta Lestrange) and thanks to the intervention of Dumbledore the boy was able to keep his wand.

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As regards Newt's life, we know that in the future he will marry Tina and that he will receive an Order of Merlin (Second Class) for his services to Magizoology , but right now we wait to see what will happen in this third installment of the saga. Thanks to the trailer for Fantastic Beasts - Dumbledore's Secrets we've already seen some action scenes and a couple of humorous ones, but we're sure of one thing: Albus Dumbledore gave Hufflepuff three points thanks to a right answer from Newt.

Jacob Kowalski

The only Muggle in the saga (or No-Mag as they say in America), Jacob is a former confectioner worker in a canning factory. In fact, we know him just when he enters a New York bank to ask for the loan to open his pastry shop. Loan that they deny him due to his lack of collateral. He and Newt exchange their bags and from there the adventure of the first film begins. Thanks to Occamy's eggs in silver that Newt makes him find in his suitcase, Jacob is able to fulfill his dream. When we believe that his memories have disappeared due to the oblivating potion thrown on all the Muggles of New York, we understand that it is not so because Jacob makes beautiful sweets in the shape of magical creatures.

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Credence Barebone

We know Credence as a orphan boy and abused by his adoptive mother at the head of the Society of Second Salemians, an extremist group that wants to demonstrate the presence of wizards in New York. The boy grows up shy and vulnerable, which is why he easily accepts the affection shown by Gellert Grindelwald in the role of Percival Graves. When the latter discovers that the Obscurus he is looking for is right inside Credence, he does everything he can to get the boy to his side but is unable to do so immediately because, following an attack by the American Aurors, Credence disappears.

Fantastic Beasts In the second film we find the boy who works in a circus in Paris and has a close relationship with Nagini, the Maledictus who will one day become Lord Voldemort's snake, but who for the moment is still able to resume its human form. Credence would do anything to discover his origins, to know who he really is and for a while he believes he could be Corvus, the missing brother of Leta Lestrange. When he realizes that this is impossible, he decides to follow Grindelwald to Nurmengard, Austria, where the dark wizard reveals that his real name would be Aurelius Dumbledore, brother of Albus and the only person able to defeat him. Grindelwald shows him that the chick the boy has been looking after is actually a phoenix, a symbol of Dumbledore, and gives him a wand. In all likelihood, in the next film, Credence will oppose Dumbledore, trying to defeat him.

Tina Goldstein

Porpentina "Tina" Goldestein is the eldest of the two sisters and has attended the School of Magic and Ilvermorny sorcery, sorted in the Winged Thunder house. We meet Tina as she arrests Newt for practicing magic in front of a No-Mag, in the secret hope of regaining her place as an Auror lost when she attacked Credence's mother to defend the boy from abuse. Soon Tina realizes her mistake and ends up helping Newt retrieve the magical creatures out of her suitcase, as well as standing by her side in the subway battle, where it is eventually revealed that Percival Graves is actually Gellert. Grindelwald. It is clear that there is something between Tina and Newt, in fact the boy greets her at the embarkation point, telling her that they will meet again and that he will personally bring his book on magical creatures to her.

Animals Fantastic Actually in the second chapter of the saga we discover that Tina is cold with Newt because she believes she is about to marry Leta Lestrange, all due to a journalistic error. Newt explains that her brother Teseus will marry her, and they finally realize they like each other after Newt tells her he has eyes as intense as a salamander's.

he catches a glimpse of Tina and many fans are concerned about it because they wonder why the character or actress may be absent. We actually know that she and Newt are destined to get married, so we will definitely see her again.

Queenie Goldstein

Tina's younger sister, Queenie is beautiful and seems a little frivolous at first, but yeah she soon realizes that she has a big heart and is courageous. She attended the Ilvermorny School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, sorted into the Magicthorn house. When we know her Queenie works as the Wand Adjustment Office secretary at the Magical Congress of the United States of America, despite her incredible Legilimens abilities which she cannot always control.

Involved with her sister in the misadventures of Newt and Jacob, the girl manages to save the two and their sister from an Oblivion ordered by Graves and recovers their wands.

Eventually, after Credence's disappearance, Newt and the other wizards are forced to spread the poison of the Venomtero through a thunderstorm to erase the memories of the No-Majs. Queenie, now in love with Jacob and reciprocated by the man, doesn't want to say goodbye, but they both know there is no other solution, so Jacob gets wet from the rain after exchanging a kiss with the girl.

In Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald we quickly understand that Queenie is no longer the carefree girl we met. She holds Jacob under spell, she is exasperated by the hiding of their relationship and in the end she quarrels with Jacob and flees to Paris to find Tina. Despite her initial fear, Queenie decides to follow Grindelwald as the solution to her problems. In the trailer for Fantastic Beasts - Dumbledore's Secrets we see her extremely different from the sunny and friendly girl she was, so let's wait to hear about her evolution.

These were the stories of the characters from Fantastic Beasts we have come to love , but the saga still hides many surprises that are just waiting to be revealed in this third chapter.

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