Elden Ring | Finals Guide (Without Spoiler)

Elden Ring | Finals Guide (Without Spoiler)

How many endings does Elden Ring have? As per FromSoftware tradition, Elden Ring also contains several endings (6 in total) that depend on the choices made during the game with the secondary quests of the characters. To unlock the Frenzied Flame Master and Star Age achievement trophies you will need to get two different endings, but there are also all endings variants of Age of Rift, another trophy that serves to platinum the game. To get them all, however, there is no need to finish Elden Ring numerous times, nor to beat the hostile final boss as many times. In this guide, devoid of spoilers, we will see how to unlock all the endings of Elden Ring without effort and without replaying the game from the beginning.


How to get all the endings in a single game Age of Fracture Age of Twilight Blessing of Despair Age of Perfect Order Star Age Lord of Frenzied Flame (Bad Ending) The complete Elden Ring strategy guide can be found here.

How to get all the Endings Elden Ring in one game

To get a different ending, just choose to rebuild the Ancestral Ring using one of the Runes linked to certain secondary missions of the characters. Given the ending, you just need to reload the game and choose another Rune, without having to beat the final boss again, without having to restart the game from the beginning or anything else, you will simply have to choose a different Rune or object (except for the final Lord of the Frenzied Flame). Of course, you must have unlocked all the required runes and items and have them in your inventory before beating the final boss. So here's all you need to do to see all the Elden Ring endings in the same match, before reaching the game's POINT OF NO RETURN (the Giant's Forge) and before beating the final boss:

Complete Ranni's quest (Before activating the Forge) - RELATED TROPHY Complete Fia's quest (Before activating the Forge) Complete the Eater quest (Before activating the Forge) Complete Corhyn's quest (Follow all steps before activating the forge and then the last ones after) Keep a save after defeating the final boss (PS4 and Xbox One: Copy it to a USB stick and restore it, Series X / s and PS5: Manage it with the cloud, PC: copy it to a another folder and then overwrite it with the present one) Go under Leyndell, get the power of the Frenzied Flame (below we will see how) and then interact with the appropriate statue in the usual place of grace of the other endings - RELATED TROPHY IMPORTANT: Ot keep the Frenzied Flame Lord ending for last because being flame bearers BLOCKS ALL OTHER FINALS.

NB: If you aim only for the trophies and objectives you don't have to get them all but only Era della Frattura (classic ending without interact or use anything), Star Age (Ranni's ending) and Frenzied Flame Lord (Frenzied Flame ending.

Era of Rift

The basic ending of the game that unlocks the trophy Era of the Rift. To obtain it, simply rebuild the Ancestral Ring. Do not interact with anything and do not use any rune to unlock this trophy. Here you will find the complete story guide with the best order for facing the main and secret regions.

Age of Twilight

An ending that extends the base one seen in Age of Rift To unlock it, reload the save after the final boss and rebuild the Ancestral Ring using the Rune of the Prince of Death. To get this R one, complete the Fia side quest before beating the final boss.

Blessing of Despair

Age of the Perfect Order

Yet another variant of the final Age of Rift. To unlock it, reload the save after the final boss and rebuild the Ancestral Ring using the Rune of the Perfect Order. To get it before the final boss you will have to complete the secondary mission of Corhyn the monk.

Age of the Stars

A very different ending linked to one of the longest and most complex quests in the game. To unlock it, reload the save after the final boss and interact with Ranni's Summoning Sign. Of course you will have to unlock it by completing the Ranni Witch side mission first.

Lord of Frenzied Flame

FromSoftware game endings are always very ambiguous, but this is definitely the bad ending of Elden Ring, one of the longest bad endings ever to get.

ATTENTION: If you choose to go this route you must know that you WILL BLOCK ALL THE OTHER FINALS.

To unlock this ending, reload the save after the boss final in Leyndel Cinerea Capital and descend into the Forgotten Abyss. To do this you will have to go through the Leyndell Sewers until you reach the Abyss. In Leyndell Cinerea Capital you will find a large open manhole in the center of the city from which you can descend into the Forgotten Abyss. In this area you will have to eliminate the boss Mohg and once you have made him hit the altar behind him to reveal a passage. Descend slowly passing over the tombstones until you reach the secret Proscription area of ​​the Frenzied Flame. ADDITIONAL: If you want you can do all this even during your first visit to Leyndell and stop in the place of grace before opening the sealed door that we will see below)

At the bottom there will be a sealed door. To open it you will have to take off all the weapons, equipment, armor, amulets, everything. Inside the door you can have an audience with a character that we prefer not to spoil and who will grant you the Power of the Frenzied Flame. Now you just have to go out, go to the last place of grace and interact with the special statue to get this ending too.

N.B. We remind you that this ending is also linked to numerous side quests (Hyetta, Melina, Varré) but you do not need to complete them to get it.

IMPORTANT: If you get the Power of the Frenzied Flame BEFORE activating the Giant Forge you will change Melina's fate by activating the Forge yourself. Moreover, if after changing the fate of the young woman you also want to UNLOCK THE OTHER FINALS AGAIN, abandoning the path of the Frenzied Flame, you can do it but you will have to complete the long and complex Millicent quest to cure yourself from the frenzied flame.

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