City of Enchanted Beasts comes to Anime Generation

City of Enchanted Beasts comes to Anime Generation

The film City of Enchanted Beasts, an adaptation of Hideyuki Kikuchi's novel, arrives on Anime Generation, the first thematic channel entirely dedicated to Japanese animation, as reported on the Yamato Video Facebook page. We remind you that in order to access Anime Generation it is necessary to have a subscription to Amazon Prime Video, the price of which is 36 euros per year or 3.99 euros per month with a free 14-day trial.

To subscribe to the Amazon Prime Video streaming service by taking advantage of the 30-day trial, you can use this link.

About the film City of Enchanting Beasts

City of Enchanting Beasts is a 1987 horror-action, dark fantasy film produced by Video Art and Madhouse for Japan Home Video. Based on Black Guard, the first novel in Hideyuki Kikuchi's Wicked City series, the film is the solo directorial debut of Yoshiaki Kawajiri, who also served as character designer, storyboard artist, animation director and key animator. The ending theme Hold me in the shadow, created by Osamu Shōji, is played by Hitomi Tōyama.

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The story takes place towards the end of the 20th century and explores the idea that the human world coexists secretly with the demonic world with a secret police force known as the Black Guard protecting the border.

This is the synopsis:

For millennia, there has been a secret clash between the human race and that of the monsters of the "Dark Side". After endless disasters caused by this war, the more enlightened members of the two races have decided to enter into a peace treaty. But now the treaty is about to expire, and some members of the "dark side" do not want it to be renewed. To sign a new treaty, the old Giuseppe Maiato, the most important ambassador of the human race, the only one capable of carrying out the mission, is recalled from Italy.

To protect the old man from the attacks of those who do not want peace, two expert bodyguards are chosen: the human Renzaburo Taki and the beautiful Makie, belonging to the race of the "Dark Side". The women of the "Dark Side", monsters in human form, have a disturbing effect on men: Makie is no exception to her and Taki soon realizes that he has fallen in love with her.

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